Betting Tips for Wimbledon 2019: Planning it the right way

The 2019 Wimbledon Championship is around the corner – it begins on 1 July 2019 and shall conclude with the men’s final on 14th July 2019.

The event will take place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Club in Wimbledon, London. The grand event with fantastic grass court along with gentlemen and ladies in white is the much awaited event for tennis fans and bettors across the globe. This year, Novak Djokovic is undoubtedly the favouriter to claim the 2019 Wimbledon title for men’s singles. He is the most successful defending champion and already has one Grand Slam under his belt this year having won the Australian Open.

Further, he was a fine winner of the 2018 Wimbledon event, where he defeated Kevin Anderson in straight sets in the final at SW19. The Serbian is in great form and has high chances to win his fifth Wimbledon title. In the women’s category, 2019 Wimbledon title may go to Serena Williams and she is the current favourite among the professional bettors.

There are plenty of opportunities to find betting value when wagering on Wimbledon 2019. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right bets by studying the most genuine predictions, previews, and tennis betting odds. This article talks about the correct ways to bet on Wimbledon 2019 along with best betting sites for the grand event.

How to bet in Wimbledon 2019?

1. Wimbledon Outright Tournament Betting

If you enjoy betting on who will ultimately prevail as Wimbledon champion, then outright tournament betting is the correct choice for you. Outright Wimbledon odds simply refers to wagering on who will be the ultimate winner of the tournament. One must remember that Wimbledon uses a draw to determine which players will face one another throughout the tournament, and this is an important factor.

2. Wimbledon Match Betting

Wimbledon match betting is the most preferred form of Wimbledon betting. It simply refers to betting on the player who is expected to win a particular match within the tournament. However, one must consider important factors, such as performance of players in recent matches, domination over opponents, their struggle to close out matches, and of course the underdogs.

3. Wimbledon Set Betting

In Wimbledon set betting, the bettors bet on the score in sets. In this type of betting one must possess a greater knowledge of both players’ tendencies. This will help you reap most value out of your bets.

4. Wimbledon Handicap Betting

You can also bet on a range of Wimbledon match handicaps. The most popular of these are Set handicaps and Game handicaps. In Wimbledon set handicap betting, one has to bet on whether a player will win with the assistance of a Set handicap. For example, bettors can bet on whether or not Serena Williams will win a match with a -1.5 set handicap. If she wins 2-0, you win your bet. On the other hand her opponent is given a +1.5 set handicap. Further, if you bet on this player, you win your bet if they win the match outright, or lose by just 1 set.On the other hand, Games handicap betting is similar except that it takes into consideration the total number of games played in the match. However, this can be a challenging form of betting. This can be a challenging form of betting.

5. Wimbledon Over/Under Betting

Similar to handicap betting, Wimbledon Over/Under betting is aimed at Set totals and Game totals. This can be quiet profitable but one must be aware to spot value bets, and requires a lot of research about the players.

Check closer to tournament time for a detailed analysis in our 2019 Wimbledon previews, predictions best odds, and betting, tips.


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