Bookmaker On the run after leaving Listowel owing 1000s of euros

    Bookmaker Ger ‘Dixie’ Dalton who was born in Carrick-on-suir but has an address in Firies outside Killarney, Co Kerry is believed to have left Listowel last Saturday owing punters thousands of euros

    Horse Racing Ireland officials have been trying to contact him and have written letters but it seems Dalton is nowhere to be found after ”running out of money and unable to pay out on winning bets”

    Paul Finegan, manager of HRI’s betting division, said on Wednesday: “So far we have been unable to get in touch with the bookmaker involved and we are discussing what steps to take.

    “The betting committee of HRIis seeking to interview him and if we cannot get a response then we will endeavour to contact him by registered post.”

    Finegan said: “The bookmaker concerned came to the levy office at Listowel and explained that he had run out of cash and could not pay out on the bets he had taken. He was told to send the punters to the betting division office to fill out a complaint form. He paid out some punters but was unable to pay others.”

    This may not of been a one off incident with sources suggesting that a fellow bookmaker had threatened to object to Dalton’s licence following an incident at a Clonmel coursing meeting were there was a major issue but the matter was later resolved.


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