CBD and sports: The new eating habit among American football players


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In the United States, steroids and opioids are part of the painkillers prescribed to athletes. Moreover, since January 2018, cannabis has been removed from the list of doping substances.


In Europe, the legislation is also evolving gradually, and CBD consumption is now authorized, provided that the THC limit imposed is respected. This development can only benefit patients and athletes who rely on cannabidiol to relieve their ailments.


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But what are its actual benefits for athletes? And how to consume it to benefit from it, before or after a sporting activity? Our CBD experts can explain this to you.


The benefits of CBD for athletes

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a molecule found in cannabis, like THC. The two molecules, however, have different effects. THC is at the origin of the psychoactive effects of cannabis, unlike CBD, which, however, has relaxing properties.


For athletes, its interest lies in its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Consumed after training, it would relieve pain, burns and sprains, common during activities such as American football. It would also decrease nausea and muscle spasms, sometimes felt after intense physical exertion.


Thanks to its soothing virtues, CBD would better manage pain and reduce the healing time of an injury. Moreover, it would have a double effect. First, it would reduce both stress and pain. It would therefore soothe the body and mind before or after a workout.


It could interact with substances such as anandamide and endorphins, released after sports. This interaction would improve its efficiency and promote a feeling of well-being. Interacting with adenosine is also said to improve blood circulation and cardiovascular function.


It should be noted the beneficial effect of cannabidiol on sleep. It helps fight insomnia and regulates sleep. In addition, of course, good quality sleep helps muscle recovery.


Tips for the athlete’s diet

Because of its virtues, CBD is popular with American soccer players. Moreover, its consumption is no longer prohibited in the football league. FIFA has thus aligned itself with the recommendations of the anti-doping agency. Today, players are free to consume it, even if the intake of a cannabidiol-based product remains prohibited in major competitions.


It is also spreading to other sports areas, such as the NBA or the NFL. Faced with its success, labelled restaurants, which offer CBD-based products, have opened in the United States. These places have become the meeting place for American athletes.


CBD consumption options

In the United States, where several states have legalized the consumption of cannabis and its variants, such as CBD, athletes have a wide choice of how to use it.


They can use the CBD oil or cream to be applied topically to treat muscle pain. This method of administration is helpful in countries where regulations are still strict. With local treatment, cannabidiol will not be identified by drug tests.


To benefit from its relaxing effects, it is also possible to take the CBD capsules before a game to maintain the intestinal balance or consume it with tea or coffee.


In short, drug use is a sensitive subject in the world of sport. And yet, faced with pain, which is an integral part of the daily life of athletes, the use of substances with calming effects such as CBD products is sometimes inevitable.


CBD effects

The JustBob.shop experts gave us all the secrets of CBD and revealed all of its positive effects on your mood and your well-being. Follow the guide and discover the many virtues of the hemp plant.


After realizing all the benefits of cannabidiol, all you have to do is a test to see for yourself. Whether it is flowers, oils, e-liquids, herbal teas or candies, with very varied concentrations of CBD, we have what it takes to meet all your desires, at all times of the day, on JustBob’s online store.


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You should know that the best brands pay particular attention to respecting your health, thanks to rigorous extraction and production methods that exclude additives and chemical substances and preserve all the natural properties of cannabidiol. In addition, they select the best cannabis strains from around the world, with high concentrations of cannabidiol.


Good to know: CBD limits addiction phenomena

Cannabidiol is popular in the context of THC weaning. It does not replace it, as it has no psychotropic effects. However, it acts by stimulating the production of dopamine, which induces a feeling of pleasure.


But you should know that this response mechanism based on dopamine underlies addiction phenomena.


The consumption of CBD is also found to be effective in quitting smoking. Serious studies have also established that cannabidiol can help manage alcoholism when used in addition to antidepressants.


In addition, it protects against neurodegeneration induced by alcoholism. CBD does not cause any addictive effects, according to the advice of the World Health Organization.

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