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The sports betting market is booming and the sports betting industry is becoming an increasingly competitive environment, with every responsible sportsbook, reviewed at all bets, trying to capture a considerable share of the entire pie.

To do so, bookmakers need to be able to attract and retain customers and at the same time trigger greater betting activity, so as to raise their profit-making capacity


Online betting is getting bigger as mobile technologies, internet usage and broadband access are continuously developing and advancing. Interestingly, now almost half of sports betting is done online, a trend which bookmakers are trying to capitalize by investing heavily in their online presence, their platforms and their mobile applications.


But while the fierce competitive environment only improves the services offered to the end customers – that is the punters – there are still some important things that appear to be missing from online sportsbooks, causing them to underperform or not being able to perform at their fullest potential. These things that are discussed below can be seen as a checklist for “Don’ts” on the part of the online sportsbooks.


Poor user interface design

It is well known by now that the interface design is a key factor affecting the experience of the users when engaging with a website. Any ineffective design that makes it difficult for the users to navigate, to find what they are looking for or a design which requires too many inputs from the user himself, is deemed to make the experience far less satisfying. Punters want to have everything in front of them, to be able to find everything with a click and also to place their bets easily, conveniently and quickly. So, the user interface design should be such that it welcomes bettors instead of causing any discomfort, which will certainly drive them out of the site at some point.


Insufficient or ineffective customer support

Sports betting is a service and as a service it requires the interaction between the user and the service provider. If the user can’t be sufficiently served by the provider then this will lead to dissatisfaction. In simple words, punters want to be able to reach someone who represents the sportsbook, when they have any inquiries, problems or any other issues. And they want the sportsbook to be able to address these issues, solve them if possible and generally deal with what the customers have to say. Poor, insufficient or ineffective customer support service will not retain customers, will result in overall bad reputation and will eventually damage the online bookie in the long run.


Safety, Security and Technical issues

A lot of things are at stake for punters everytime they subscribe to an online bookmaker and more so every time they place bets. From the personal data and confidential information to the privacy issues and from the security in money transactions, punters need to be certain that they are browsing, navigating and interacting with a safe and secure environment. Punters must feel that the platform is credible and trustworthy in delivering safety and security and in ensuring that all data provided by the customers are handled with the most cautious and careful manner. It can easily be understood that if safety and security isn’t guaranteed, bettors will surely stop placing bets and most likely will unsubscribe from the betting site.


Technical issues are also very important for enhancing punters’ experience and increasing the reliability of the online bookmaker’s platform. If the user is too often faced with technical problems or if the site goes down at an unacceptable rate, then the bets will go down as well as punters will refrain from placing bets on systems which may have technical issues.


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