Cloud Gaming and Game Streaming: What Are the Perspectives of the New Era in Gaming Technologies

Technologies in the gaming era continue to evolve, and the perspectives are changing as well. The new trends these days are cloud gaming and game streaming. These approaches help to take away the need for large memory spaces and disk drives in desktop computers or mobile devices. The internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connections becoming more affordable and for larger bandwidths, thus, making a way for the cloud applications and live stream games.


What Is Game Streaming?


This is a new wave in online gaming that is catching on fast. Offered by the developers and hardware specialists like GameStream and NVIDIA GRID, instances of game broadcasting are defined best by and the kind of streaming traffic they get to their portal. This has become one of the largest traffic producers online besides other broadcasting services like Hulu and Apple. The live items can be found at online casinos as well, such as CashPot casino.


With the industry seeing a rise in spending every year, the streaming service makes games available anywhere and on devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets and smart televisions. The technology also makes it possible for the games developed for a certain platform to be used by others.

Its Features

Game broadcasting has different connotations:

  • It can mean broadcasting of a game so that fellow players can check out the skills of others.
  • Games can be run on a localized PC but the action can be streamed on another device like a smartphone or tablet.
  • It can be streaming games live from a cloud application.

No matter how game streaming is defined, there are several factors that make it possible. For instance, the software and hardware configurations of a client, network and server sides as well as control mechanisms, pitfalls and bottlenecks that need to be overcome.


Technologies that Make Game Broadcasting Possible


There are different companies in gaming software and hardware that are making it possible among different technological platforms. For instance, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, and Sony are some of the names that are involved in inventing as well as making game streaming possible across platforms like PCs, cloud applications and Android devices. GRID technology from NVIDIA is a de facto standard for most streamers. This service, available with Amazon Web Services, allows companies to rent capacity, which goes towards building streaming services. is a non-gaming company that allows people to stream through this site, get tips or tricks for games they play and so forth.


What Is Cloud Gaming?


This is another popular trend among the players like game streaming. Cloud gaming runs from servers and videos are broadcast so that people who wish to view are able to do that. Controller inputs actions of the mouse; keyboard and other keys are controlled by the server of the cloud playing network. The remote server does the work of providing interaction of the different video components while your computer simply sends out input commands and receives the video and audio streaming inputs.


Its Advantages


  • It does not require expensive upgrades and hardware investments. You do not need to upgrade your gaming console or PC, but simply ensure that you have good internet connectivity.
  • Instant play is another advantage of it. There is no need to have a large disk space to download the software. You can simply log online and start to play instantly.
  • Games can be played on any mobile device as well as an operating system. The cloud game applications are simply web browser based and are usually compatible with the different desktop as well as mobile interfaces.
  • Video games are compressed when you opt for cloud gaming. That ensures that less bandwidth is used and you can stream and play online as and when you want.

The downsides to video gaming through such method is that high-resolution interface is not possible as you are using compression technology and efficient use of bandwidth. However, the cloud applications allow live interactive playing sessions and convenient login and games on the go.




The abovementioned points reveal the new era in the technologies that the industry is embracing. Playing for hardcore gamers means investing in expensive gameware, both hardware and software components. On the other hand, with cloud apps, or live streaming all such requirements are minimized. You simply need to log online and play with others, either live or on the go with all settings and configurations set up. There is no need for larger disk spaces or expensive hardware components. You might not be using high-resolution software that takes up more power, speed, and disk space, but be able to manage with an ordinary multifunctional laptop, PC or mobile device that you own already.


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