Cool Things To Buy Your Hockey Player For Christmas

With the holidays just around the corner, it is always a good idea to get a jumpstart on your shopping. If your loved one is a hockey player, you will naturally want to find a gift that appeals to their passion. We asked the team at Hockey Pursuits what the coolest gifts for hockey players are and this is what we found out.


  • Skate Sharpener: Let’s start by looking at the coolest gift that you could give: a skate sharpener. This is really only practical if your hockey player skates often enough to need his/her skates sharpened regularly, but this is a great gift idea for when it is needed. Sharpeners allow you to sharpen your skates to your own parameters from your own home. Some are even portable enough to take to practice and share with others. They have settings and guards in place to remove the risk of human error when sharpening. Definitely a cool gift.
  • Gear: Gear is always a cool idea if you know what your recipient needs. Hockey sticks break down over time, so replacing a stick with a newer model will be well-received. You will need to know the type of stick that he/she prefers, however. Skates are also a dream-level Christmas gift, but again, you will need to know more specifically what the player wears or needs from his/her hockey skates. Considering the high cost of gear and equipment, you can bet the recipient will be ecstatic.
  • Training Aids: Training aids are a fun gift for anyone. You most likely have a good idea of what your loved one’s position is, and so should be able to identify an appropriate trainer. Most trainers can be laid out in a garage and are durable enough to have a car parked over them when they are not in use. There are trainers for goalkeepers, forwards, and any technique that someone might like to work on. They are a gift that will be used repeatedly.
  • Clothes: Getting hockey apparel is also a good idea. Most hockey players are fans of pro teams. You can find gear that aligns with their team preference, whether it is sweatshirts, hats, jerseys, or anything else that you can imagine. You can find clothes that match teams as well as matching individual players, which should make any hockey fan happy.
  • Accessories: Accessories are another type of gift that you really can’t go wrong with giving. Accessories can be anything like hockey socks, wax, or a puck pail. While they might not be incredibly cool or exciting, they are very practical and will be appreciated well by the recipient. No player will balk at having spare wax or pucks. Not all players wear hockey socks, however, so that is just something to keep in mind if you think of going that direction. While those are not cool, hockey bags can be. You could also give a hockey bag that is the right dimensions to hold gear and is the right type for portability. Quality hockey bags can keep the gear dry and protected while still making it easier to transport it from game to game or practice to practice.


If you are still unsure what you could get a hockey player, you can never go wrong with a gift card. You can get one for a local shop near you, or you can get one for a hockey website, like Pure Hockey. This way, your loved one can pick out what they have always wanted and you can be confident that you gave the right thing.


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