Could Bingo Make it to the Olympics by 2020?

Have you ever had a difficult bingo session, which drained all your energy? Do you think Bingo is more than a game of chance? Do you think Bingo requires skill, agility and strength? Do you think that the game of bingo is definitely a sport of sorts? Then you are not alone on these thoughts because there have been clamors from different quarters as to the inclusion of bingo in the list of sports for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Although this idea might seem bizarre, but the possibility and chances that this could happen is relatively high. Since we are discussing about Bingo in this article, for the best Bingo sites, click here.  


Push for the Inclusion of Bingo as an Olympic Sport 


The clamor for the inclusion of bingo as an Olympic sport is gaining momentum with Mecca Bingo (a top bingo operator in the UK) being the most vocal. On behalf of bingo players, Mecca filed a formal application to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have the game in the list of sports approved for the next Olympics. Presenting the argument that alertness, sportsmanship, dexterity and observational skills are the qualities needed for the game, Mecca asserts that bingo should be given the utmost consideration just like every other Olympic game’s sport. Secondly, bingo meets other conditions from the IOC pertaining to the inclusion of new games. These conditions include popularity of the game in huge number of countries, practicing the game, affordability in playing, along with straightforward rules. 


Another important requirement that any new game must meet before becoming an Olympic sport is the existence and supervision of an International Federation to administer and monitor anti-doping procedures. This requirement does not seem to bother bingo as the IOC has applied it to declare bingo an Olympic sport in the next Olympic Games which will take place in Tokyo in the year 2020. 

The International Olympic Committee has stated that the process for recognizing bingo as an Olympic sport is underway. Proposals to recognize extra sports at the 2020 Olympic Games have also been accepted. The IOC will sit on the decision to include other games at the next executive board meeting, with bingo excluded from the list of sports to be considered. 


A Mecca spokesperson stated that the qualification process is yet to be disclosed and would be deliberated on by the International Olympic Committee but that the game has the possibility for average players to participate in the Olympics. “You don’t have to train for several weeks and months” he said “there is a definite interest and the next step is to for a bingo federation”. Mecca has launched a voting poll where people can vote for the inclusion and recognition of bingo as an Olympic sport. 


The head of communications at Mecca, Lesly Clifford said “playing successful online bingo requires proper focus and concentration, mental agility and a steady hand”. And these are qualities most athletes have. He said further “all bingo fans will make sure that the bingo inclusion campaign is a success because they are eager to play in Tokyo 2020”. 

The tax cut for bingo clubs announced by the British government gave bingo a huge boost in 2014. This was done to revitalize the industry. 

Brief Olympic Games History 

The first Olympic Games were played in Ancient Greece. These games were all played in a day. It is quite different from today’s version of the Olympic Games which has so many games and a jam packed schedule. During the first Olympic Games, there were fewer sports to watch including discuss throwing and wresting. After the first games, the Olympics did not take place until 1896. The coming century will witness many sports added and taken away from the list of games and events of the Olympics and there is every possibility that bingo will be added to the list of the Olympics sports as games liking gymnastics, athletics, diving and archery have recently been added. 


Why Bingo Will Be an Excellent Olympic Games Sport 


Here are the reasons bingo would be an excellent Olympic Games sport: 

  • Easy to track scores: Bingo games and tournaments are already very popular on the internet. All that needs to be done is to transfer this format into an Olympic venue. Tracking Full Houses will be very easy and the winner would be uncontested. 


  • Cool Entertainment: One of the best reasons to include this game in the list of Olympic Games is the fun and entertainment it offers to both players and audience. Just imagine the sound of ‘eyes down’ as players from different countries compete for gold in bingo. 


  • Dabbing Skill: Whether you are dabbing your cards in a hall or online, you can’t deny the fact that it is a skill of precision and skill, just as we have in many other Olympic sports. 


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