Coulter admits goal should of been disallowed

    After he fisted the ball into the net during Down’s 1-16 to 1-14 win over Kildare in the All-Ireland Football semi-final on Sunday Down’s Benny Coulter admitted the goal should have been disallowed.

    He said: ‘To be honest I think I was (in the square). I watched it on the big screen after and I think I was standing in it.

    ‘These things go with you and sometimes they don’t. Thankfully today they went with us.’

    Coulter said: ‘We did well. We did well to hold on because they came back at us very strong at the end. They had a chance at the end and luckily we got a hand on it to put it on the crossbar.

    ‘We’re absolutely delighted to be in the final.

    ‘It was an All-Ireland semi-final, the teams were going to very tight and they came back at us. Thankfully we held on in the end.’

    Down now play Cork in the Final.

    ‘It is going to be a good game. They’ll be up for it, we’ll be up for.

    ‘I think we’ll have to switch jerseys but we don’t mind.

    ‘At the start of the year we would have played in skins as long we got to the final.’



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