Deontay Wilder’s rematch with Tyson Fury to be Finalised

Deontay Wilder is demanding a rematch with Tyson Fury on the back off his bout with Luis Ortiz, the Fury fight could be finalised soon. 

Luis Ortiz had won every round against the Bronze Bomber but his vicious right hand ended all the talk around the fight in the seventh round, gaining traction toward a Fury rematch. 

Wilder is now undefeated 43 times with 10 title defenses with the fighters unique knocking out ability. His belt and the undefeated record were at risk with Ortiz outboxing him for six rounds until the seventh round explosive knockout showcased the recurring power of Widlers hands. It would be like many punters who might use to get the best results. 

In the previous bout against Ortiz, Wilder’s belt was once again threatened after the champion was hurt but Ortiz took a different stride to this fight and gradually ground out each out to the judges scorecards.

 A plan that was working perfectly with the Bronze Bomber struggling to find his rhythm, Ortiz landed two big punches at the end of the fifth round. Wilder landed his first significant punch that turned out to be his last as Ortiz fell backward and was unable to beat the referees count. 

Ortiz’s only two defeats in his last 35 fights came to the hands of Deontay Wilder. 

Tyson Fury has mentioned the date of February 22nd for the potential rematch which is set to be located in America. Fury also faced the wrath of Wilders punches coming off the canvas twice. Shelly Finkel believes Wilder can match any opponent he stated: “The Fury fight, Fury has admitted ‘I didn’t know I got up, I didn’t know where I was’. Is that a knockout? Is that a concussion, or what, because they didn’t count 10?

“There’s no one he can fight, that doesn’t get hurt, doesn’t go down.

“The first fight with Stiverne, the ref didn’t see it, or count it, but he went down. He hit the canvas with his gloves and then he got up and the ref didn’t count it.

“Every fight he’s either knocked you out or had you down. I’ve never seen anything like that.”


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