Derry star returns home from AFL

    Derry football has been boosted by the news that Chris McKaigue will return to the side next year having spent the last couple of years in Australia with the Sydney Swans.

    The 22-year-old is understood to have turned down offers from Greater Western Sydney and Port Adelaide over the past 48 hours, in favour of a return home to Derry.

    “I’ve just turned 22 now so I think I am at the right age to play a bit,” McKaigue told the Irish Daily Star.

    “I’ve a fair bit of experience under my belt and I’m out of the game a fair while. I’m excited about coming back and playing Gaelic football.”

    The youngster added: “I might have played a few games here and there, no doubt, but I don’t think you should aspire to playa few games on any team you are in, you should aspire to play all the games.

    “I’d have played a few games at Port Adelaide if things had gone well, but it was just too high a risk to re-locate in a different part of Australia and go back for a year.

    “It could have been another year of my life when I wouldn’t have been ultimately doing what I want to do, which was playing Gaelic football.”


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