Doctors ‘Optimistic’ that Kvitova will play Tennis again following Surgery

The two-time Wimbledon champion was injured in a burglary at her residence earlier today.

A representative for Petro Kvitova has this evening confirmed that surgery to repair the tennis star’s injured hand has been a complete success.

For those who may have missed the news, Czech star Kvitova was attacked early this morning after burglars entered her home.

Further information with regards to the attack has since been revealed, with the burglar said to have been posing as a utilities man, as per Press Association Sport.

The individual gained access by asking to read a meter in the property, before putting a knife to Kvitova’s throat.

It is thought that the 26 year-old’s hand was cut in the ensuing struggle, with Kvitova later revealing that she was ‘lucky to be alive.’

Surgery to repair the damaged left hand (her racket-holding hand) was performed this evening, with the Czech’s PR manager revealing that ‘doctors are optimistic she will be able to play tennis again.

Kvitova will be out of action for a minimum of three months, which, all things considered, will likely come as a huge relief to the star based on the severity of this morning’s ordeal.


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