Disappointment for Judy Reynolds as World Championships Freestyle to Music Final is cancelled

Kildare’s Judy Reynolds, who became the first Irish competitor to reach a World Equestrian Games Dressage Freestyle Final on Friday, has received the disappointing news that the Freestyle to Music Final has been cancelled.

A statement issued by the FEI said, that despite the best efforts of the Tryon 2018 team and the officials who had been working on plans for rescheduling, the logistics of putting all necessary elements into place in time have proved insurmountable. As a result, and very regrettably, the Dressage Freestyle has been cancelled.

“This was not an easy decision, but we have explored every option, including trying to reschedule the horse departures, and even looking at moving the competition into the indoor with a change of footing, but the logistics of making all this happen are just not possible,”  Tryon 2018 Organising Committee President Michael Stone said.

“We know this is desperately disappointing for the 15 athletes who had qualified their horses for the Freestyle, and of course for all the spectators who had bought tickets, but the weather has simply left us with no choice. Horse welfare has to be the top priority and flying the horses out on the same day as competition doesn’t work, so sadly the decision to cancel the Freestyle had to be taken.”


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