England’s trip to the West Indies – What is going wrong?

England are currently in the West Indies on a tour but they are struggling. They have gone backwards from beating the World Number 1 side and now by performing poorly against the West Indies. However, all is not lost for English cricket fans they have a good squad with Joe Root as captain. Who knows what might happen down the road they may win the world cup and turn things around but at the moment they are not performing.

Cricket betting suggested it would have been a lot closer as England are third in the rankings at the moment but I expect that this will change following the poor performance on their travels. England face the West Indies in the third test on Saturday in what could either be a whitewash win for the West Indies or England salvage some pride. However, no matter what happens the English will at least drop to 5th in the rankings .

England were indeed 2nd at one stage in the rankings this largely based on a superb home record in series’. A statistic taken from the BBC Sport website shows they have only lost 1 series in 6 years when playing at home. So that’s tells it’s own story. They beaten the World Number 1 ranked side India easily 4-1 in the series last summer, while they also accounted for Sri Lanka by 3-0.

England do need to improve obviously they need to get more runs to win tests simple as . Statistics show that only once since the start of 2018 England have had broken past the 400 barrier . England also have only scored 16.06 runs according to the BBC Sport website is the worst in 131 years by an England side on the Carribbean tour. So that says it all.

Simple as if England are to win more games they need more runs to win games. Whether they can increase their runs in games is a question they will need to answer in the coming games .

“One of the difficult things is we’ve got six guys that are probably suited to batting six or seven and we’re trying to fit them into the team,” Bayliss said to the Sydney morning hearld

“Without a lot of pressure coming up from behind then those guys are our best players, so we’ve got to try and fit them into the team.”

“It would be great if somebody was pushing them from behind and giving them a little extra motivation to score runs and stay in the team.”

Events of the past fortnight have punctured the optimism created in Sri Lanka before Christmas, where a 3-0 whitewash took the Test side’s record to eight wins out of nine.

Explaining the decision to send the group away for a period of introspection rather than a stint of so-called “naughty boy nets”, Bayliss said: “We posed some questions to them in the changing room, giving them 24 hours to have a think about it, and then have an informal chat.

“It won’t be me standing up in front of them like a school teacher. There are some deep conversations going on.”


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