Euro 2020 & Crypto Betting

According to the rules of the Euro 2020, 24 football teams will be selected to take part in the greatest sports competition of the upcoming year. Before Euro 2020, the tournaments between UEFA 55 teams are held to choose the winners. On October 14, an impressive match between Ukraine and Portugal took place in Kyiv. Cristiano Ronaldo, talismanic captain of Portugal, scored his 700th goal in a Group B qualifier. However, this did not help the Portuguese to win the match – 2:1

Ukrainian team defeated Portugal and reached its place at Euro 2020. The goals were scored by Roman Yaremchuk and Andrii Yarmolenko. For the Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo scored from the penalty spot, but this goal was not enough for his team.

The bets for this match varied: most bookers claimed that the Portuguese have more chances of winning, in particular, because of the stunning performance of living legend Ronaldo. This match is a wonderful example of how thrilling the betting can be. Moreover, there is a recent innovation that allows the customers to bet with… cryptocurrency! If you still struggle to learn how to get your crypto, consider visiting – bitcoin trading resource, which will keep you well-informed about OTC Bitcoin trading. 


  • What is Crypto Betting?

Crypto betting is one of the recent innovations in the industry of gambling. It is similar to regular betting, yet it uses a different banking system. You need to bet in a certain cryptocurrency, and your winnings are paid out in that type of digital money, as well. The most widely used kind of cryptocurrency betting is Bitcoin betting.

The Bitcoin sports betting industry has been becoming extremely popular recently with hundreds of sites to choose from in 2019. As the competition has been rising extremely, online gambling sites are now offering more crypto bonuses and benefits to attract more and more users. This created various advantages of trying this method of betting.


  • The Advantages of Crypto Betting 


Bitcoin betting and cryptocurrency gambling have become more attractive for both the customers and betting services due to fast deposits and withdrawals, low fees, and a larger selection of games that can be played using Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

As all the financial operations are made with crypto, which works on blockchain technology, the transaction details become secure as never. There are private keys that are known only by the owner of the crypto coin so that the assets are protected from hackers and scams. Plus, crypto transactions are much quicker than regular currency ones. While usually, you have to wait for several days to get your prize, using digital money, you’ll have the reward on your account in several minutes. 

Crypto betting is also beneficial due to the obvious rise of the cryptocurrency. While other types of currency are merely stable, you can earn a lot of money just because of the rise of the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Thus, consider trying Bitcoin as a currency for your next sports bet. Since the market of crypto has already become the best place to invest, your profit from bets can grow many times. Besides this, it is simply fun and interesting. Good luck!


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