Everything you need to know about Royal Portrush and the Dunluce Links for The Open 2019

The 148th Open Championship will be staged at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland on the 18th July 2019. An incredible venue for the grand stage, it is here that we will witness 156 golfers attempt to beat the course as well as their fellow competitors. With the event less than two weeks away Open Championship 2019 betting is well underway, but who will you be backing?

The last time The Open was held at Royal Portrush was in 1951, at the time, it was the first course to host the championship outside of mainland UK with Max Faulkner winning with a total of 285. Since then, the course has featured The Senior British Open three times, the Amateur Championship and The Women’s Amateur Championship, it even hosted the Irish Open in 2012. Alongside hosting great competitions, the course has hosted many golfing legends such as Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Tom Watson. When it comes to selecting a location for The Open, the Royal Portrush Club will certainly live up to the expectations that have been demanded from spectators.

The Dunluce Links is where the 148th Open will be held, a well-established course that has tested the golfers throughout 50 national and international amateur championships. So what does it entail for the golfers of the 148th Open Championship, what will it demand from them? 

The Dunluce Links are famous for their technicality, here you will not find success in a powerful drive, it’s all about having control over your swing and being specific with your power and direction. Making it to the green may seem an easy task on some courses, but overshooting the ball on the Dunluce Links is a common fault and is easily done. 

The Dunluce Links is set to test any golfer who participates in The Open, they will demand a lot of technical skill and require you to adapt your game according to the hole. The course is uneven, the rough is extremely long, with seagulls flying overhead and coastal winds; multiple elements can affect this tournament more than most courses. There are five additional bunkers, new tees and the pushing back of the second green, the complexity of this course is unlike any other, it doesn’t take any prisoners and will quickly leave golfers trailing behind.  

Alongside this, the Dunluce Links have recently had some adjustments. For some, the course looked set to be a comfortable challenge, especially for course record holder Rory McIlroy (61), but with some final preparations having taken place, this course is new and even more of a challenge to all players. The 17th and 18th holes have been replaced by two new holes further north, closer to the coastline. On a windy day, these holes could prove quite brutal and difficult for those who struggle to perform in bad weather. Being on the coast, there is nothing to shelter you from the elements, so golfers need to prepare in all sorts of ways to challenge the top contenders. 

Many analysts have been speculating about who will do well in the final major of the year, with some, including David Feherty, saying they wouldn’t be surprised if a veteran won. On paper, you would think Rory McIlroy will be triumphant, with the course record and have been runner-up in last year’s Open. A lot of people expect him to end his dry spell of five years without a major title. 

So now you know everything there is to know about the Royal Portrush Club and the Dunluce Links. Will you bet on a technical player with skills and a high level of experience, or your trusted favourite?


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