Experts Believe Mayweather Will Destroy McGregor – Fight date 10th June

Two of the biggest sportsmen in the world look like they’re going to settle their differences and do battle in the ring. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor either have a secret soft spot for each other or they really can’t stand each other, and from looking at all the arguments they’ve had on social media in recent times, it’s obviously the latter. McGregor is the biggest MMA fighter in the world thanks to recent successful fights, whereas it doesn’t get any bigger than Mayweather in the Boxing world. Will the fight even happen? Who will win it if it did? Both sportsmen fight under completely different circumstances so while Mayweather to win is the obvious selection, it would still be hard to predict a winner.

Mayweather Is Backed to Knock McGregor Out

McGregor is turning his back on his MMA routes for this fight and is going to opt for a bit of boxing instead, and that immediately gives Mayweather the upper hand. Mayweather has won a cracking 49 out of 49 fights and 26 of those have been by knockout – so those statistics would suggest McGregor is up against it. This would make Mayweather an instant favourite with his experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean McGregor is going to go down without a fight; after all, MMA has proven to be just as tough down the years. Will Mayweather knock McGregor out or will the Irish fighter have more to offer than everybody thinks?

The Fight isn’t Official Yet, But It’s on the Cards

There have been numerous sports news websites that have already confirmed the fight, but it hasn’t been confirmed by either fighter or any of the biggest media outlets, so nothing is official as of now. Currently, the fight is a work in progress as there is a lot to sort out. Both players can’t get in a ring because of fighting rules and regulations in both sports that prevent them from doing so; they would ultimately have to create a “new sport” with the same rules. It’s a hugely complicated affair, but it could happen if both players really want it, and it’s not as if they don’t have the money to push things forward either.

Why do the Popular Fighters Want to Fight Each Other?

If you’re a boxing or MMA fan, you’ll already have heard of the spats McGregor and Mayweather have had on social media. If it isn’t Mayweather showing McGregor pictures of his money, it’s McGregor having sly digs at the American Boxer. Both fighters have already confirmed they will knock the other opponent out, and they continue to give it the big spuds over social media, which is very entertaining, to say the least.

What’s Your View on the Fight?

Do you agree with the experts and feel Mayweather will destroy McGregor? Or will McGregor have more in his locker and come away with an unexpected knockout? Have your say by online betting on the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight that’s expected to happen soon.

Whether this fight goes ahead or not remains to be seen because of the many issues involved and obstacles that need to be climbed over but if it did, we could have a great fight on our hands between two of the most successful fighters in their given sports.


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