F1’s Grosjean Survives Horror Crash

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F1’s Grosjean Survives Horror Crash: The Frenchman survived a crash as his car split in two and exploded into a ball of fire.

Romain Grosjean is a French F1 driver that races for the Haas F1 team. Grosjean first burst onto the scene in 2005 when he blitzed through the French Formula Renault Championship.

From there he progressed onto the young Renault Young Driver Programme. The Frenchman followed this up by becoming the 2007 Formula three Euro series Champion.

In 2009 he made his debut Formula one appearance in the European Grand Prix, finishing fourth. However, Grosjean struggled to impress at Renault usually qualifying near the back and never advancing.

In 2010 when Renault brought in new management the Frenchman was dropped. In 2011 with Grosjean relegated to GP2 racing with DAMS, he won the championship with three races to spare.

2012 saw the driver found his feet when he made it back to F1 when promoted to the Loftus team. The driver frequently out finished his more experienced teammates and made four podium finishes.

2013 saw the Frenchman improve greatly as many critics were impressed with more mature performances making six podium finishes.

2015 saw the best results for both Grosjean and Loftus with a new unit able to challenge those at the top. This saw Grosjean gain regular points for Loftus and make a podium finish at the Belgian Grand Prix.

In 2016 he moved to Haas where he signed a contract till 2020. In total, the Frenchman has entered one hundred and sixty-six Grand Prix’s.

Making ten podiums, three hundred and eighty-nine points with his best-ever finish of a second place.


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History of Accident’s  

Grosjean has had somewhat of a record when it comes to reckless driving and crashes in the past. In the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix, he became the first diver since 1994 to receive a one-race ban for dangerous driving.

This being the result of the Frenchman causing a multicar pile up during the race. The severity of the incident was heightened due to the fact the cars involved were contenders.

That same year in the Japanese Grand Prix he caused another accident in the first lap when colliding with Mark Webber. For the unnecessary and recklessness, Webber labeled him after the race as a “First Lap Nutcase”.

If these incidents were not enough, he then triggered another crash in Brazil. On this occasion, he crashed with Pedro De Le Rosta in qualifying which ruined his chances.


2020 Horrifying Incident

Grosjean was involved in a shocking accident that stunned the racing world in recent days the Bahrain Grand Prix. The event is the fifteenth event on the racing schedule of the year.

Lewis Hamilton finished first with Verstappen and Albon finishing second and third. The race was postponed for over eighty minutes as Grosjean received attention from emergency services.

The incident occurred on the first lap of the race. First lap crashes aren’t uncommon with the sheer number of cars bundled so close together in opening stages.

For the Frenchman however when going around turn three, he lost control of his car. He ran off the turn and hit the guardrail at 123mph (220km/h). The car was split in two and burst into flames.

The front area of the car which included the cockpit hurtled through the rails and caught fire. Grosjean was in the car for more than twenty seconds as it was engulfed in a ball of fire.

The driver managed to bail out just in time suffering minor injuries and burns to his hands. F1 drivers have hailed the halo safety device on the cars that ultimately saved Grosjean’s life.

The halo is a large titanium guard that fits around the cockpit to protect a driver from head-on collisions.

This was first introduced in 2015 and has since had many modifications and tests to make it safer.



Grosjean’s Recovery

Grosjean after the incident was rushed to Bahrain Defence Force hospital where he received treatment. The Frenchman suffered burns to his hands but miraculously avoided a major injury.

He stayed in hospital Sunday and Monday night and is expected to be discharged today or Wednesday. When asked about the driver’s condition the Bahrain GP stated

“Treatment on the burns Grosjean sustained on the back of both his hands is going well. 

The F1 driver released a tweet updating us on his condition.



After the incident Grosjean’s wife issued a heartfelt statement thanking all who helped her husband saying:

I used useful words, urgent words, to protect them above all. I mentioned the ‘shield of love’ that protected him. Today, I have to find other expressions, come up with other rational phrases, to express the feelings. We will find them together.

“Expressions of gratitude, for the men of the Medical Car.

“Expressions of friendship, for Jean Todt and his unfailing humanity.

“Thanks for you all, who have shown your support, your affection, your kindness which is so precious to us.



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