Fascinating Watch – Sergio Garcia’s putting & hitting warm-up routine

He is one of the most fascinating golfers ever born and this video goes through Sergio Garcia’s putting & hitting warm-up routines.

1. Sergio is an amazing dad! I knew he would be and it’s so sweet to watch Sergio and Azalea together. It’s my favorite thing in the world! And it’s amazing because even though he has a crazy busy schedule he always puts us first and makes time for us.

2. Sergio loves kids and always has. If you ask around to some of the other players and families on the PGA TOUR many of them have sweet stories of Sergio playing with their kids and kind of growing up with them. A good friend and fellow PGA TOUR wife just told me a story about Sergio always wanting to hold their now 18-year-old daughter when she was a baby.

3. Sergio is hilarious and definitely the funniest person I know! I think this is one of his best qualities. He makes me laugh just about every hour of the day and we have so much fun together.

4. Sergio is a great cook and makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for Azalea and me all the time. (We are very lucky!)  One of our favorite dishes he makes is Spanish and has chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and broccoli.  He roasts them all in a pan in the oven and it’s delicious.

5. Sergio is the chef and I’m the baker in our relationship.  Whenever Sergio makes an eagle in a tournament, he gets to pick any dessert for me to make him. He often chooses my Tres Leches cake. He loves it so much he had it on the menu as his dessert at his Masters Champions dinner!

6. Sergio is not only a wonderful father and husband, but he’s a wonderful son, brother, son-in-law, brother-in-law and friend. He loves and cares for all of his family and friends so deeply and he has the biggest heart. This is one of the things I really love about him.

7. Sergio is such an animal lover. He would adopt every animal he meets if he could. He does not hesitate to pet a random dog or cat and they always love him back!

8. Sergio is a huge Real Madrid fan and now I am, too. We go to as many games as we can, and we went to two out of the last three Champions League Finals and watched Real Madrid win both times.

9. After Sergio won the Masters in 2017 he was invited to do the honorary kickoff at “El Clasico” which is the rivalry match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. This is a very big honor and it meant the world to Sergio. This particular game was in Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium.  I got to go on the field with Sergio and hear 90,000 fans chanting “Seeeerrrrrrgggiiiiiiooooo!”  Sergio had the biggest smile on his face and to this day it’s one of the best memories.

10. Sergio loves watching movies and TV shows, and I do, too.  Sometimes we have entire conversations where we just use movie quotes.

11. Sergio also loves music. He especially loves Queen and when the Bohemian Rhapsody movie came out, he was so excited because they are his favorite band. He listens to music every morning before a tournament round and together we make fun playlists throughout the year.

12. Sergio loves all of the Marvel movies and loves wearing t-shirts with all of the characters on them.

13. Sergio loves to play cards (especially poker) and is really good. We play a lot of games of spades when we are on the road and Sergio and I make a pretty good spades team!

14. Sergio is an incredible all-around athlete. He loves to play tennis and soccer (fútbol) and is seriously great at both. I also taught him how to properly shoot a basketball and throw a football and now he’s really good at both of those too!  We play a lot of basketball together and sometimes he even beats me now. But not in one-on-one… he can’t hang! 😉

15. Sergio is super competitive (not surprisingly) and so am I. We are both athletes at heart, so we compete at pretty much everything we do.  But it’s healthy competition. 🙂

16. Sergio is ambidextrous. He plays golf and tennis and writes and eats right-handed, but he throws a ball and catches left-handed. He also plays soccer left-footed.

17. Sergio turned me into a Real Madrid fan, and he’s become a huge University of Texas fan.  (That’s where I went to school and played golf.)  We are always home in Europe during football season in the fall and we wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Longhorn games. I always fall asleep during the games, but Sergio doesn’t, and he wakes me up with a sweet nudge to tell me when we score!

18. Sergio plays with a pink 18 on his golf ball to represent the year Azalea was born and has a University of Texas Longhorn putter head cover. He says that way he always has his two girls with him when he plays.


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