First friendly match, Ireland vs. India

During the first half of the game, Gurjit Kaur, from Indian hockey team scored the first goal at the 18th minute giving the Indian team a lead in the game. Sarah Hawkshaw, of the Ireland hockey team, fought back and leveled the score at the 45th minute of the match.

India took a good start and created an opportunity for a penalty corner in the 4th minute. However, they missed the chance as a result of good defending displayed by Ireland. However, India scored the first goal in the 18th minute. India sustained the lead and remained dominant throughout the match. Indian team was in a well-order and showed good teamwork on the field.

45th minute of the match was a game changer when Ireland made a comeback and scored a goal. It was a big relief for the Ireland team as there were now lesser chances of losing the match. The match became more interesting as a new hope was born for Ireland. Some minutes before the final hooter, Ireland got a penalty corner. It could have been the winning moment for Ireland. However, the Indian goalkeeper named Savita showed some exceptional keeping and saved India from a sudden defeat as the match was about to end.

Ireland women’s hockey team.

Ireland’s women field hockey team is representative of both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in international hockey world cup match. This includes women’s euro hockey nations championship and hockey series. Ireland played its firsthe t-ever women international hockey match against England. Ireland was silver medalist in 2018 women’s hockey world cup match.


Ireland was qualified for the match in the 2002 Women’s hockey world cup,but the team faced many controversies and adverse circumstances. In 2001 women’s hockey world cup qualifier Ireland played against Lithuania and the match finished by 2-2 but unfortunately, Ireland lost the match when Lithuania won the penalty shoot-out by 6-5. The controversy started when the captain of Ireland said that the penalty strokeswere in the wrong order. The match officialsignored the captainin the start,but later Ireland appealed,and the director of the tournament ruled that they play the shoot-out the next day again. However, Lithuania refused to take part and withdrew from the tournament.

India women’s hockey team.

Indian women’s hockey team is ranked 9th position in FIH world’s ranking. This ranking system ranks the teams according to performances and games results in field hockey. From February 2018, the Odisha government state started to sponsor India national hockey team. It is going to sponsor both, men and women team. The state has decided to sponsor the Indian women’s hockey team for the next five years.

Breakthrough performance:

The team’s breakthrough performance came at Mandelieu in 1974. The team finished the match in 4th place. 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics was their best performance in Olympic games. This was the time when the women’s event was held for the first time in Olympic history. The team also won the gold medal at Asian games held in New Delhi, defeating Korea in the finals. If you are planning to go to next hockey game, be sure to install flexispy in case you lose your phone in the crowds.


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