Williams’ CEO Adam Parr quits

Williams’ chairman Adam Parr has stepped down following Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

There had been no indication that Parr, who joined Williams as CEO in  2006, was to step down.  The Oxford based team said that Parr had left to pursue  “a better balance in his life”  though it is thought that he was squeezed out by other members of Williams’  top brass.

Another Williams director, Nick Rose, who is thought to have been inspirational in getting Parr removed from the post, will be appointed non-executive chairman of Williams Grand Prix Holdings when Parr officially steps down on Friday.

Founder and Team Principal, Frank Williams said;  “I asked Adam to join Williams at the end of 2006 to support me in the running of our team. Over five years, Adam’s achievements have surpassed my expectations and I must thank him for his service.  Not least for the decisive role he played in the technical changes made last year which are beginning to show through in the team’s improved competitiveness this season, and for leading this company to a successful IPO,”  before going on to wish Parr the best of luck with his future endeavours.


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