Four Easy Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is a slow month. With bellies full of the holiday period and a little less money in the bank after buying presents for your friends, its not surprising that its a month associated with blue feelings and inactivity. Thats not to say you should surrender yourself to such feelings, however. On the contrary, you should start the year as you mean to go on, working hard and playing hard. Thats where this article comes in, with four excellent, low-budget but high-enjoyment recommendations for beating those January blues.


Morning Jogs


Sometimes, waking up on a frosty and unappealing January morning can make you retreat into yourself a little as you muster the energy to face the day. To completely overturn this compulsion, you should force yourself out for a sunrise run, taking in the wintry air as the day brightens around you. Its all the better if you can persuade a brave friend to make an effort with you, but solitariness running is a special morning activity, too. Start your day on a high and enjoy how the endorphins carry you through the day by getting out there for a morning jog.


Watch Live Sports


Sporting events can be incredibly exciting and fun to attend, especially if you opt to watch your favourite football or rugby team. It’s an ideal excuse for a day out in the fresh air, getting caught up in the cheering and electric atmosphere. What’s more, Unibet Football Betting allows you to make a variety of bets, from the correct score line all the way through to the number of corners and throw-ins. Its a little thrill to make watching sport that little bit more entertaining, though, of course, this source of excitement comes with a small warning: gamble responsibly. Placing a small bet is excellent fun when conducted for the right reasons.


Buy a Great Book


January is admittedly not a month in which its hugely appealing to go outside. Nights are long and days short; the winds unpredictable and the rain is relentless. So, a morning jog ought to be the only outdoor activity on this list! On the flip-side, occupying the more relaxing end of the spectrum is a cosy night tucked in your favourite chair with a great book. Whether its fiction or non-fiction, find a book that’s exactly to your tastes and indulge in yourself, getting lost in pages of text on those cold winter nights.


See Some Music


It is a shame that in our lives we struggle to find the time to watch talented musicians wow their crowds. With digital music streaming services so affordable and easy to use, its an even more special occasion when we decide to take in some music performed live. Check out your local events listings to find something to your tastes. Invite your friends and grab yourself a warming drink to enjoy the music with. Live music is something that will always surprise with its beauty and immediacy, whether youre at a piano recital or the album tour of a massive rock ensemble.



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