GAA drinking bans gone way over the top

It’s the real elephant in the room over the past few years in the GAA not only at county level but also streaming down to club level also.

Drinking bans are becoming ridiculous at this stage when it comes to an amateur sport like the GAA. The fact that professional sportsmen and women can drink in the middle of seasons in moderation really should be accepted.

GAA players at county level especially have so much to deal with at the moment with regards training, school, college and work that the least they need is going on a drinking ban for months at a time.

For some reason its seen as a crime or a weakness if a GAA player is out enjoying himself even if there is no game for a certain period of time.

It’s a mentality in the GAA that has to change, Players have way too many sacrifices to make without dealing with this on their doorstep.

It’s why the story of the Tipperary Football team of 2016 is so apt. Their manager Liam Kearns has publicly claimed before that he encourages players to enjoy themselves.

The fact that there has been uproar in certain places about Tipperary celebrating qualifying for an All-Ireland Semi Final is also telling. They made history on Sunday and it’s only fair for them to go out and celebrate surely or has the world gone mad.

One of their star players Michael Quinlivan was on Newstalk’s Off the Ball Show last night and he admitted himself they went out and enjoyed themselves.

“”I think it’s a bit of a myth in the GAA about these drinking bans. I’d always say the best nights out are after a great win,”

“We had a few days after the Munster final but it was nothing compared to what we had on Sunday and its good not to be afraid of going out. That would be the way I’d look at it. I know Liam was talking about the psychological aspect and the benefit of it and I definitely row in behind that. You can play sport for 10 or 15 years but those nights with your friends are ultimately what will come back to you. You’ll have your great days but the celebrations after it are worth twice that.”

“Players should definitely be allowed to enjoy themselves”

The Tipperary footballers have gone to somewhere they have never been before and they have every reason to celebrate no matter what some people may think.

Maybe just Maybe Tipperary will now be the standard point for other GAA teams and not just on the field.


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