Galway star admits career hangs in the balance

    Galway star Michael Meehan has admitted he is uncertain of his future in inter-county football as he continues to struggle with a long-term ankle injury.

    Meehan has not played a full game for the Tribesmen in almost two years and has had to accept that his prognosis for full recovery is “bleak”.

    The Caltra man is currently recovering from an operation to repair a dislocated shoulder. However, at the same time,a damaged ankle, for which he has already had surgery twice, is casting a doubt over his future in the game.

    While Meehan is hoping to return in April he told The Irish Independent that there are “no guarantees” that he will meet that objective.

    “The prospects are not great. I have to admit that,” he said. “I have to accept that I won’t be able to do what everyone else can do in terms of preparation.

    “The professional medical advice on this is that the ankle remains badly damaged despite the repair work and it may not get much better.

    “Having said that, I’ll do everything I can and more to get back playing for Galway. But it will take a lot of sound management to achieve it. There’s a lot of frustration, but I’ve had to come to terms with it. Hopefully it will work out for me, but if it doesn’t I’ll have to accept that too.”


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