Gambling addiction in Ireland – A detailed coverage

Gambling refers to placing something of value at risk while betting on something to happen. It can be done both offline and online.

Gambling can win huge amounts of money. Sometimes, it also releases people’s stress and increases social interaction. There are many online casinos like Spin Genie where a player who is in search of a variety of exciting casino games. These can be played here without any safety issues. But, compulsive gambling can have drastic ill-effects. These include bankruptcy, depression and suicides.

According to statistics collected in 2016, Ireland is amongst the countries with the biggest gambling population. It also has the third highest losses due to gambling. There are around 40,000 problem gamblers as recorded in 2015. The problem has been prevalent amongst Irish sportspersons particularly. It is also hitting hard the youth of the country. Studies show that in this country, single men of age less than 35 are more prone to problem gambling.

If a person goes to gamble alone very often and finds himself lying to friends and family for gambling, he may be a victim of compulsive gambling. Indulging excessively in gambling, irrespective of the poor financial condition is dangerous. A problem gambler becomes oblivious to all necessities of life. He does not know when to stop gambling.

There are several things which lead to gambling. As seen in rich sportsmen of Ireland, they have an excess of money which requires spending. Some people gamble to pay overdue debts. Sometimes people go simply for recreation or ego boost. The situation has worsened with the availability of the option of gambling online.

Compulsive gambling is a problem whose nature and extent is quite unknown. It has a negative impact on relations with the victim’s family and other social ties. This further leads to depression and loneliness. The younger members of the family may adopt the same lifestyle. The gambler is at high risk of losing all money or possessions. This leads to helplessness or criminal activities. The health of the person deteriorates. Failing miserably in making his situation normal, the person may end up taking his life. Famous Irish hurler Davy Glennon almost took his life after suffering from gambling addiction.

Responsible gambling, a term used worldwide, is being promoted in Ireland. It aims at creating a safe environment for gamblers without letting them fall prey to the addiction. It includes, informing the gambler about the risks involved and encouraging expenditure within limits. Information sufficient to make sound decisions should be provided to the customers.

Corporate in Ireland such as The National Lottery and Paddy Power are making efforts to make this situation better. They are training their staff to respond to query calls and by fixing deposit limit, etc. The government of Ireland announced to pass a Gambling Control Bill this year. The key principles of the bill include protecting minors and players, putting a stop to crimes and conducting fair and open gambling.

It is hoped that the problem would be lessened with these collective efforts of individuals, Gambling Anonymous groups, corporate and the government. Thus, it will help in building a safer and better future of the country.


  1. I hope the U.N. will implement an international law against gambling especially on line. This only result to depression, insanity, broken family, prostitution, criminal activities, drugs, etc. Even in other countries gambling or on line gambling created crimes that will kill innocent people. Those operators and owners of gambling activities must be given heavy penalty, and immediately close any gambling activities related. This will not make our life easier but make our life miserable and full of anxiety. If you think you are in the stage of suicide you need help and turn your life around. Also you need spiritual guidance when you feel down and no one else to turn to.


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