25th Happy Gilmore anniversary sees pros attempt the iconic swing

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Watch as the world’s best celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic golf film in style. 

Taylor made golf released a hilarious video of golf’s best on the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore. Posted on Twitter today, the video shows Mcilroy, DJ, Morikawa, Wolff, Fleetwood, and Tiger tee up with Gilmores iconic swing.

All fail miserably as they wear the hockey jersey actor Adam Sandler did the in the 1996 film. Happy Gilmore is a cult classic amongst golf fans around the world and hailed as a 90s classic comedy.

The film depicts Adam Sandler as a hockey player turned golfer as he attempts to save his grandmother’s repossessed home. Gilmore’s swing simply can’t be emulated consistently due to its run-up start.

Tiger Woods was the only player to flush a driver down the middle of all the pros at team  TaylorMade.

Watch down below as the world’s best try Gilmore’s swing.

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