Let vintage Tiger improve your golf swing 

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If your golf game is a bit in the dumps, why not watch the greatest of all time, Tiger Woods, and learn a thing or two. 

Tiger Woods, in his prime, was unrivaled in the game of golf. He was one of the best ball strikers in the game, especially under the wing of coach Butch Harmon. If you’re struggling on the course with the timing or speed of your swing, watch Tiger down below.

At times in anyone’s golf swing, their hips and arms can be totally out of sync. This, as a result, can produce a lot of inconsistent shots and can be hard to pinpoint what’s gone wrong.

For most amateur golfers, everything is about speed, be it through their arms or hips for max distance. However, this can lead to timing issues with your arms or hips lagging behind one another.

This video down below shows Tiger on Golf Central in 2000 talking about swing techniques. Tiger details a drill Harmon makes him repeatedly do to have control over his timing. He talks about his swing that he too at times can have his hips moving faster than his arms.

This results in his arms lagging behind the rest of his body motion during a shot. Watch below as Tiger and Butch talk through a drill that could help your swing timing. 

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