Growth of online casinos and sports betting

My Tent Or Yours (nearest the camera) winning the 2017 Unibet International Hurdle at Cheltenham

Over the past few years, conventional sports betting has taken a significant hit. No, not because we stopped going to the bookies, but because online sports betting came along and presented a better and easier way to bet on sport events. Recently, it seems that no matter what the bookies do to keep customers in their establishments, people still switch to online sports betting in droves and the massive exodus towards a more modern, digital betting continues.

While this trend is still fairly new, it shows no signs of reduced growth. This is very similar to the UK online casino expenditures, as UK players wager a yearly average of £3 billion on slots and casinos every year.

So, why do people switch from their trusty bookies to online betting? Simple – it’s more convenient for them, it’s easier and the betting is quicker, plus you eliminate the possibility of third-party mistakes, unless you make them yourself. Not only that, but you have easier access and faster betting on things that aren’t mainstream, such as hockey, lacrosse and a myriad others. The coefficients are fixed and known far in advance and you can plan out your weekly betting with ease. All of this is making people switch to the digital way instead of the old-fashioned one.

Alongside this breakthrough of online sports betting, there is also another breakthrough – online gaming and casinos. While this type of activity has usually been stigmatized as ‘gambling’ and even forbidden in some countries, online gaming has been growing as an industry, reaching billions of dollars of yearly revenue.

Nowadays, most online casinos offer mobile versions as well as live casinos which you can play in real time on a game of your choice, but they’re usually poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette – the classics! These online casinos offer huge bonuses when you sign up, and that draws people in more and more until they finally make their first deposit. With bonuses made up of hundreds of per cent of the deposited amount, who wouldn’t want to play?

That’s why more and more people are looking for an online bookie or an online casino, especially in the UK and Ireland. If you want to find the best online casino and your new favourite website, check out, which is a fully compiled list of all online casinos, ready for your perusal.

And the way it’s going, we Irish may find ourselves on the right side of the four-leaf clover – with the regular casino industry expanding and the online casino industry becoming more and more prominent, we may find ourselves in the middle of a competition between the two sides, fighting with bigger and bigger bonuses. Ah, one can only dream!

The past two years have seen unprecedented growth in the online sports betting and online casino industries, outclassing almost every single online industry in terms of revenue. However, if you’re going somewhere to gamble, make sure you don’t spend more money than you’d like to, the following day!


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