Help us choose the name for new Irish hockey format

NEW HOCKEY GAME FORMAT TO BE LAUNCHED – Help us choose the name!

70% of respondents to Irish Hockey’s Participation Survey indicated they would continue to play ‘informal’ hockey once they had retired from competitive hockey if available.

The results also showed that one of the top reasons players cease playing hockey is trying to balance family, work and social life and the inability to commit to a club. This combined with limited hockey facilities in Ireland has led Irish Hockey to introduce a new hockey game format which they are now ready to launch with thanks to support from the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund.


Irish Hockey are also asking the public to help them choose a name for this new hockey game format and vote on their preferred option of Quick Hockey; Swift Hockey or Snap Hockey – let us know your preference here.


The modified game format of hockey is an exciting new development from Irish Hockey who will use it to target those who cannot commit the time to the club structure, bring the game to new players who do not have the facilities to run the traditional 11 sided hockey format while also giving Irish Hockey the chance to bring hockey to new schools and communities!


The major differences between the traditional 11 a-side game and this format is this game is played with a bigger and lighter ball with simplified rules. This format is also played with smaller teams which can be mixed or single gender and it  can be played on any surface. But beyond that it is fun, fast-paced so excellent for fitness and health, easy to play, can be played at any age and it is also perfect for beginners.


Irish Hockey will be trialling this format at Pembroke Wanderers Hockey Club next Tuesday (May 6th) with club players and Internationals. Irish Hockey are currently finalising a five year plan to roll out this format through two main channels, schools and club & communities.


In summary


What is this new Hockey Format?

  • ·         Hockey with a bigger ball and simplified rules
  • ·         Small sided teams
  • ·         Can be played on any surface
  • ·         Perfect for schools that don’t have a hockey pitch
  • ·         Ideal for adults that don’t have the time to commit to team sport

Why play this new Hockey Format?

  • ·         Fun
  • ·         Fast-paced so excellent for fitness and health
  • ·         Easy to play
  • ·         Teams can be mixed or single gender
  • ·         Can be played at any age
  • ·         Perfect for beginners


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