Historic Moments for Ireland in the Modern Pentathlon at Rio Olympics

Pentathlon Ireland athletes Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe and Natalya Coyle both improved on their London 2012 Olympic performances in Rio 2016.

Following Natalya’s historic 9th place finish in London 2012 and Arthur’s historic European Championship win in 2015, their performance in Rio have been an inspiration to the next generation of Irish Pentathletes looking to represent Ireland at Tokyo and beyond. Having both athletes finish in the top ten in the same games is an incredible accomplishment.

Natalya’s 7th place finish on Friday and Arthur’s 8th place finish on Saturday mark a major moment for Pentathlon Ireland. It is the first time an Irish male pentathlete has placed in the top ten and the first time both an Irish male and female athlete have finished within the top ten at the same Olympic Games.

The Olympics are the culmination of four years of hard work and are the inspiration for the next generation of athletes to achieve their best to compete for a spot at the XXXII Summer Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan in 2020.


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