Hockey Ireland – 29 strong training panel for the upcoming World Cup

Green Army head coach Graham Shaw has announced his 29 strong training panel for the upcoming World Cup. The announcement comes after a 4 match series in Spain that saw Ireland share the spoils with their higher ranked hosts.


Shaw commented “We’ve selected a very competitive panel of 29. The group will train together over the next several months and the final squad for the World Cup will be finalised towards end of June/early July”.


Upcoming Fixtures:


5/3/18 Ireland vs Scotland in Glasgow

6/3/18 Ireland vs Scotland in Glasgow

12/3/18 Ireland vs England in Bisham Abbey

13/3/18 Ireland vs England in Bisham Abbey

15/3/18 Ireland vs England in Bisham Abbey



1 Ayeisha McFerran- Louisville

2 Grace O Flanagan- Railway

3 Emma Buckley- Cork Harlequins

4 Shirley McCay- Pegasus

5 Yvonne O Byrne- Cork Harlequins

6 Cliodhna Sargent- Cork Harlequins

7 Hannah Mathews- Loreto

8 Lena Tice- UCD

9 Leah McGuire- UCD

10 Hannah McLoughlin- Loreto

11 Zoe Wilson- Belfast Harlequins

12 Gill Pinder- Pembroke

13 Lizzie Colvin- Belfast Harlequins

14 Katie Mullan- UCD

15 Nicci Daly- Loreto

16 Ali Meeke- Loreto

17 Roisin Upton- Cork Harlequins

18 Megan Frazer- Manheim

19 Chloe Watkins- Bloemendaal

20 Anna O Flanagan- Bloemendaal

21 Rebecca Barry- Cork Harlequins

22 Ellen Curran- UCD

23 Nicola Evans- UHC

24 Deirdre Duke- UCD

25 Sinead Loughran- Monkstown

26 Sarah Torrans- Loreto

27 Aisling Naughton- Pembroke

28 Naomi Carroll- Cork Harlequins

29 Emily Beatty- Pembroke


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