Hockey Results : Ireland well beaten by South Africa

It was not the result that Irish hockey fans wanted but there can be no complaints on the result this after as the Irish team were well beaten

Hockey World League Semi Finals Johannesburg

Ireland 0

South Africa 3 (Deetlefs, Coston, du Plessis)



The opening half was at times frantic by both teams with no real rhythm developing and turnovers abound. Ayeisha McFerran was called upon to make two early saves as South Africa began to make their presence felt through Tarryn Glasby and Bernadette Coston. Gillian Pinder darted through the midfield to create a one-two with Sinead Loughran but the South African defence swept up the ball before she should shoot.  The Green Army seemed to take some time to settle into the game and South Africa won 3 penalty corners, the third of which Lisa-Marie Deetlefs fired into the net on her reverse. Ireland won their first PC in the dying moments of the first half and Roisin Upton’s drag was deflected onto the post-players face resulting in a stroke. But the post came to South Africa’s rescue and they went into the half with the lead.


The Green Army looked far sharper instantly in the second half as Anna O’Flanagan drew a super reaction save from Phumelela Mbande. The tempo of the game increased noticeably with the Irish completing far more passes and testing the South Africa defence with O’Flanagan and Katie Mullan going up a gear. Ireland’s second PC was saved from Chloe Watkins sweep, perhaps another PC for a high deflection should have resulted but Ireland had lost their referral early in the tie. But the chances just wouldn’t fall for Ireland and South Africa snatched their second goal from a defensive error and good advantage as Coston drilled the ball into the corner. With 9 minutes left Ireland opted for a kicking back but Lilian du Plessis broke into the circle and scored into the open goal.


One can take nothing away from a determined South Africa who took their chances but a 3-0 score line perhaps flatters the hosts slightly. With 31 circle penetrations and 4 short corners Ireland created more than their fair share of chances but credit to the South African defence who kept the shots to a minimum.


The Green Army now move into the 7th/8th place match and will be in action on Saturday (July 22nd). 7th place could still prove enough to book a spot at the World Cup but Ireland will have to wait until the Continental Championships are complete later in the year to see if a place opens up.


Ireland men’s hockey team compete against France in the 5th-8th playoffs tomorrow (1:30pm Irish time), shown live on BT Sport.


Ireland: K Mullan (Captain), S McCay, E Tice, G Pinder, A McFerran, C Watkins, N Daly, H Matthews, A O’Flanagan, Z Wilson, D Duke

Subs: G O’Flanagan, Y O’Byrne, N Evans, E Beatty, S Loughran, R Upton, L Colvin


South Africa: C Evans, N Walraven, I Davids, S Jones, LM Deetlefs, N Terblanche, B Coston, P Mbande, J Mayne, Q Bobbs, S Damons (Captain)

Subs: K Stella, C Manuel, L du Plessis, J O’Connor, S Baxter, N La Fleur, T Glasby




Pool A           Pool B

England        Argentina

Germany      USA

Japan           South Africa

Ireland          India

Poland          Chile


NB. Times listed are local (Johannesburg)


July 8, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 JPN 1-1 IRL

  Pool A 14:00

 GER 1-0 POL

  Pool B 16:00

 USA 1-0 CHI

  Pool B 18:00

 RSA 0-0 IND

July 10, 2017 Pool B 12:00

 ARG 2-0 CHI

  Pool A 14:00

 GER 2-2 IRL

  Pool A 16:00

 ENG 3-0 POL

  Pool B 18:00

 USA 4-1 IND

July 12, 2017 Pool B 12:00

 IND1 -0 CHI

  Pool A 14:00

 IRL 2-0 POL

  Pool A 16:00

 JPN 1-0 ENG

  Pool B 18:00

 RSA 1-3 ARG

July 14, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 POL 0-2 JPN

  Pool B 14:00

 CHI 1-0 RSA

  Pool B 16:00

 USA 0-4 ARG

  Pool A 18:00

 GER 0-1 ENG

July 16, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 JPN 0-3 GER

  Pool A 14:00

 ENG 3-2 IRL

  Pool B 16:00

 RSA 3-2 USA

  Pool B 18:00

 ARG 3-0 IND

July 18, 2017 QF 11:15                        USA 1-0 JPN
  QF 13:30                           ARG 2-1 IRL
  QF 15:45                          ENG 4-1 IND
  QF 18:00                           GER 1-0 RSA
July 20, 2017 9th/10th Place 10:00


  5 / 8 Place 12:15


  5 / 8 Place 14:30


  Semi Final 16:45


  Semi Final 19:00


July 22, 2017 7th/8th Place 11:15
  5th/6th Place 13:30
July 23, 2017 3rd/4th Place 11:00
  Final 15:30





Pool A                Pool B 

Australia            Germany

New Zealand     Belgium

Spain                  South Africa

Japan                  Ireland

France                Egypt


July 9, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 NZL 3-3 FRA

  Pool A 14:00

 ESP 2-1 JPN

  Pool B 16:00

 BEL 10-0 EGY

  Pool B 18:00

 RSA 0-2 IRL

July 11, 2017 Pool B 12:00

 GER 5-0 EGY

  Pool A 14:00

 AUS 3-2 FRA

  Pool A 16:00

 NZL 3-1 JPN

  Pool B 18:00

 BEL 6-2 IRL

July 13, 2017 Pool B 12:00

 IRL 2-1 EGY

  Pool A 14:00

 JPN 1-4 FRA

  Pool A 16:00

 ESP 0-2 AUS

  Pool B 18:00

 RSA 3-4 GER

July 15, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 FRA 0-2 ESP

  Pool A 14:00

 NZL 1-2 AUS

  Pool B 16:00

 EGY 2-1 RSA

  Pool B 18:00

 BEL 2-3 GER

July 17, 2017 Pool A 12:00

 AUS 7-2 JPN

  Pool A 14:00

 ESP 4-3 NZL

  Pool B 16:00

 GER 2-0 IRL

  Pool B 18:00

 RSA 1-9 BEL

July 19, 2017 QF 11:15                         AUS 4-0 EGY
  QF 13:30                           ESP 2-1 IRL
  QF 15:45                          GER 4-1 FRA
  QF 18:00                           BEL 2-0 NZL
July 21, 2017 9th/10th Place 10:00


  5 / 8 Place 12:15


  5 / 8 Place 14:30



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