Dancer names squad for Olympic qualifier

Ireland ladies hockey manager Sean Dancer has named a strong squad as his side look set to play Canada in a two legged qualifier for Olympic qualification.

The Ireland men’s team were desperately unlucky not to qualify for the Olympics after a poor refeering decision went against them. It was a late penalty decision which forced the game to a penalty shootout which Canada won. Speaking after the game Jonathan Bell made his feelings known on what he thought about the decision saying. ” Principally, what’s going through my mind is that the video umpire should hang his head in shame.”It was a terrible, terrible decision in the last moments of the game.

Dancer will be looking for his side to put in a good performance in the games that will take place at Donnybrook on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Speaking to RTE Sport he said” I’m very happy with the squad we’ve chosen to represent Ireland in this Olympic qualifier”.

Ireland squad: Ayeisha McFerran (Ulster), Roisin Upton (Munster), Nikki Evans (Leinster), Kathryn Mullan (Capt, Ulster), Shirley McCay (Ulster), Elena Tice (Leinster), Gillian Pinder (Leinster), Beth Barr (Ulster), Serena Barr (Ulster), Chloe Watkins (Leinster), Lizzie Colvin (Ulster), Nicola Daly (Leinster), Hannah Matthews (Leinster), Sarah Hawkshaw (Leinster), Anna O’Flanagan (Leinster), Zoe Wilson (Ulster), Deirdre Duke (Leinster), Elizabeth Murphy (Leinster)


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