How gambling affects sports in Ireland

Ireland, the country of great sportsmen and woman, and has a long history of betting on these athletes. We are a highly competitive nation; these characteristics have shaped the characteristics of all Irish athletes you have never give up mantra. 

Speaking of the development of sports in Ireland, football is certainly the number one. But some other sports are also popular and are widely played by Irish people such as rugby, cricket, GAA, horseracing and so on.

No less than € 56 million was allocated at the beginning of 2018 by the Irish government for the development of various sports played in Ireland and different from most European countries, mostly used for the development of Gaelic sports. This shows that the Irish government continues to provide the largest portion of sports rooted in the indigenous culture of the Irish people. As many people say: “Gaelic is Irish and Irish is Gaelic”.

The correlation between gambling and sports for Irish society

For most Europeans, beer and sports are two things that are not separated from each other. And in many cases, gambling is the third element. Indeed, sports, beer and gambling form a perfect combination. Sports-based gambling is classified as legal activity in Ireland, making this country “more liberal” than many US states. Legalization of gambling, in turn, encourages the development of gambling in the country and today, no less than 1,000 betting shops act legally there; some of them are the best online casinos in the world. The rapid gambling development in Ireland (not limited to sports gambling) also prompted the government in 2015 to revise the 1931 gambling law to give players more freedom to play on Sundays.

Togetherness is one of the characteristics of Ireland and other nations around it (Scotland, Wales, and England). In every sporting event, no matter how big it is, the fans are so fanatical and they are truly loyal. Such conditions encourage the growth of gambling naturally and along with the increasing number of gambling houses participating, the greater the funds involved. Sports teams get more sponsorship and the welfare of athletes is increasing.

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