How Sport Has Helped Change the World of Gambling

Gambling has changed. Gone are the days where you had to make a trip to the bookies to place a bet, and you no longer need to frequent a casino in the city centre if you fancy trying your hand at blackjack or poker.


Instead, gambling has now become a past-time that’s increased in availability, accessibility and popularity, and that’s all due to the rise of technology and the use of internet-ready smartphones. Online gambling is available at any time of the day or night, any time of the week. And, just as significantly, it’s available from anywhere in the world.


Slot machine games are available through mobile phones, laptops and tablets, and other forms of gambling such as the lottery, online bingo and even casino-related games can all be done behind a screen too. is one of the best sites to get more information on the latest no deposit offers from all major online casinos portals. But what effect has sports betting in particular had on the world of gambling? Well, let’s take a look



First, gambling terminology has crept into our conversations, particularly when we’re discussing sports. And while it’s not unusual (or concerning) to hear an adult using gambling terminology when discussing the football or the tennis, it is more worrying to hear children using words like ‘odds’, ‘overs’ and ‘the line’ when referring to the games they’re watching.


In fact, Australia’s federal government noticed this was happening, and held an inquiry into gambling advertising in 2013. Ultimately, it led to a ban on live odds during television sports broadcasts, and parents have since been encouraged to talk to children about the love of the game’ and ‘the best players’ in a bid to emphasise the difference between sports and sports betting.


Ease of access

Second, sports betting has made it easier than ever to gamble, and on many more things than previously possible. Years ago you had to travel to a building specifically designated, equipped and licensed for gambling, but now that sports betting has become possible on smart phones, many more of us are trying their hand at this form of gambling than we would if we had to place a bet in person. Participants can bet on the team they think will win, the number of goals that will be scored, the first and last person to score a goal, and even whether or not there’ll be a penalty in the first five minutes of the match, for example.


Increasing value

Third, sports have changed the face of gambling by dramatically increasing the value of the gambling industry. Estimates by sports data analysts such as Sportradar estimate that the sports betting industry is worth anywhere between £435 billion to £625 billion a year – a huge amount of money! And, more interesting is that 70% of that trade is thought to derive from betting on football.



And finally, sports have changed the world of gambling by simply being more available to people in their homes. Satellite televisions channels and the increased visibility of live sports games around the world have increased interest in sports gambling, as well as opportunities to gamble in real-time while matches unfold.


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