How The Esport Betting Industry Has Changed Over The Years

Electronic Sports or eSports is the term given to the professional competitive gaming scene. Participants play video games hoping to win prizes, like cash and bragging rights, while watched by a live or online audience. The rise of the competitive gaming industry is also paving the way for eSports betting. 


What is eSports Betting?


eSports gambling lets interested individuals to bet on their preferred players and teams in the competitive gaming sector. Here, gamblers can choose to bet on different gaming genres like:


  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • First-person Shooter (FPS)
  • Sports
  • Brawlers or Fighting games
  • Casual games


Gambling in eSports has similarities and differences between traditional sports gambling. For instance, various eSport betting options exist like gambling over match winners, outrights, or totals. If you’re interested in checking out the latest standings of your favorite eSports participants, you can view lists at VulkanBet Esportsbook


How eSports Betting Changed over the Years?


More gambling opportunities might be on the rise as game developers continue to create competitive titles. Games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft, and Starcraft helped spread waves of opportunities to become professionals for budding competitive video gamers. Now, tournaments held at different locations around the globe include more recent titles like Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), League of Legends (LoL), and Street Fighter V


Now, take a look at how the eSports betting stage changed throughout the years. The information you’ll learn by reading the following content may help you appreciate the industry more than before:



  • An Increase in the Number of Titles



There might be a time when the first videogame on the eSports map was Counter-Strike. In this game, two teams of five members would battle it out in a map to see which squad will come out on top. Matches tend to run only a few minutes, but these competitions would open several betting opportunities. 


Now, more games are in the roster for eSports betting. For example, you can bet on FIFA games if you’re a fan of football. Conversely, you can bet on your favorite player in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.



  • Global Availability



You may compare eSports gambling with traditional betting scenes. Common gambling situations may need you to be present in an establishment while the game of choice is happening. This setup presents fans with challenges regarding travel. 


Instead, eSports communities create channels to help fans, gamers, and gamblers to bet on their favorite participants without the need to travel far. Certain websites and apps help individuals place bets using computers and mobile devices. Hence, the need for travel may become non-existent as you gamble using the right app or site with your computer or mobile device. 


This global availability may help increase the fan base for particular videogame titles. Similar to online horse race betting, you can now view, cheer, and bet on your favorite players even when you’re halfway across the globe. 



  • Enhanced Regulation



Before, the eSports environment might have a lenient legislative body. Perhaps, the online competitive gaming society is more popular now than it was previously. So, many people might brush off the idea of gambling on skilled gaming professionals. 


Now, specific titles like League of Legends and DotA 2 may amass millions of fans around the world. A percentage of these enthusiasts gamble to see who wins or loses during official matches. 


But, this rise of fame of the eSports industry might play a crucial role in the increase of stricter rules. Videogame gambling authorities see to it that betting on eSports titles is without illegal activity. These governing bodies also help ensure that betters will receive their just rewards if their chosen participants win. 



  • An Increase in Cash Prizes



Betting on your favorite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team back in 2013 might let you gain prize money amounting to a few hundred or thousands of dollars. But, bet on specific teams in 2019, and you might get the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars. 


Many eSports gamblers are in it the industry for the money. The allure of the chance to earn thousands of dollars in cash prizes with practically minimal effort might be a dream come true for individual high rollers.




The future of the eSports betting industry isn’t unchanging. Even if you can’t predict the future of the online competitive gaming scene, you may not deny that this sector already went through a lot of challenges and successes. With more competitive games arriving on various consoles and computers, eSports gambling may only gain more popular over time. 




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