Huge rise in popularity of betting apps and mobile betting

As many people who enjoy a bet will know there has been a huge rise in the popularity of betting app and mobile betting.

According to the number one betting app at the moment is betway, which might come as surprise to many Irish punters who probably have never used any app bar Paddy Power or Boylesports who are the lead betting companies in Ireland who offer Mobile casinos and apps to their customers.

The reason for the huge growth in betting on your phone is obviously, smartphones like the Iphone and Samsung Android phones. Windows and Blackberry have devices too but they wouldn’t be as popular.

Betting Apps can be one of the most popular ways to earn money and this has led the app developers to develop the betting apps for Android and other platforms as well and this has lead to a top class product which entices people to bet on their phone that using the older form of gambling and going directly to a betting shop.

Online sports betting stakes rose by 20 percent to £2.7 billion for Paddypower last year, with net revenues up 21 percent to £316 million. Other online gambling revenue added £124 million, also up by 20 percent and many people will put all this growth down to mobile and app betting. But they recently employed Onionsack, a texting app developer that already works with many leading UK sportsbooks, including Ladbrokes and William Hill, to use Facebook Messenger in April to take bets

The platform is officially called Onionsack SaaS. And it took almost no time for Paddy Power to jump on board and become the first to offer real-money sportsbetting directly through Facebook.

“We know our customers love mobile messaging apps so having a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is the obvious first step,” Paddy Power Product Director Michael Healy said in a press release. “Nearly all of Paddy Power’s customers are on Facebook, and now they can actually place a bet through the Facebook Messenger app.”

A chatbot is just as it sounds: a chatting robot that will actually communicate directly people who want to place wagers on everything from American football to soccer to the likelihood of President Donald Trump being impeached. This is just another way people can now use their mobile to place bets and no doubt this market is just getting bigger and bigger and will soon be 70 or 80 percent of the betting turn over.


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