Injury ends All-Ireland final

    Presentation College Bray’s attempts to retain their All-Ireland Under 19 colleges’ title was halted by an injury sustained by one of their players midway through the first quarter of last week’s final.

    The final was postponed early on after Presentation’s Lorcan Murphy fell heavily on his shoulder during the clash with St. Fintatn’s of Sutton.  Murphy was taken to Tallaght hospital where he underwent X-rays to ascertain the seriousness of his injuries.

    Luckily he suffered no spinal damage, but there was considerable soft tissue injury and the young man was released from hospital later than night.  Once the swelling has reduced, he will return to Tallaght Hospital to check for breaks and bruising.

    The All-Ireland final will now be replayed on Friday 30th March at 10:30a.m. at Tallaght Stadium with all involved reportedly  ‘relieved’  that the injury was not as serious as it had initially looked.  It is not yet certain whether Lorcan Murphy will be in a fit state to watch the game from the sidelines.


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