Irish boxer Michael Conlan moves to UK based trainer Booth

Irish boxer Michael Conlan has confirmed he is leaving the United States to hook up with UK based trainer Adam Booth.

Conlan was under the tutelage of Manny Robles for the first few fights of his professional career but now he has decided to make the move to a coach who also trains fellow Irishmen Ryan Burnett and Andy Lee.

Jason Quigley made a similar move lately as well as he also left the States where Robles also trained him to relocate to Sheffield to work under Dominic Ingle.

Although hooking up with Booth, Conlan is still expected to return to America on St. Patricks weekend to fight in Madison Square Garden in New York.

The move closer to home is likely family related with Conlan having a young family while he may become more energised from the move as a result even if the majority of his fights are still likely to take place in the USA.

The Belfast native confirmed the news via his Twitter account this evening.

“It’s a pleasure to announce that I will now be trained by Adam Booth. I’m looking forward to a great journey together towards world titles.”

Conlan will be back home in his beloved Belfast at some stage this Summer as he looks set to fight in the SSE Arena for the first time in his career.




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