Irish boxers win gold in Turkey

    Ireland’s incredible record in recent international boxing competitions continued today, when both Ray Moylette and Joe Ward won gold medals at the European Continental Championships in Ankara, Turkey.

    Moylette won the light-welterweight title after proving too strong for England’s Thomas Stalker, while Ward took light-heavyweight honours after defeating Russian Nikita Ivanov. Moylette emerged with an 18-10 overall total, winning two rounds after drawing the opener( 5-5, 7-3, 6-2.Meanwhile, Ward caused a big surprise against his better fancied opponent, winning 20-12 overall. He took the opening two rounds but narrowly lost the last(7-3, 8-3, 5-6).

    Both fighters had already been guaranteed bronze medals from these championships after winning through to the quarter-finals but the duo were determined to go the distance. Even guaranteed silver medals after their wins in the quarters did not satisfy the pair. This mornings results are a huge boost for Irish amateur boxing with the London Olympics just over a year away.


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