Irish cricket team hopeful of upset

    Irish cricket player Andrew White said the non-Test side were hoping to surprise a few people when they begin their World Cup campaign against Bangladesh on Friday.

    The 30-year-old teacher said the present squad was stronger than the one that made history in the 2007 World Cup when they beat Pakistan in the first round and defeated Bangladesh in the Super Eights.

    “We can’t wait for our tournament to begin”, said White.

    “We are excited about our prospects. Our preparations have been very good and there is a lot of belief within the squad that we stand as good a chance as any other team”.

    However, he refused to bank on Bangladesh as being his team’s best chance of a win, saying they wanted to do well against all the remaining group B sides – India, England, South Africa, West Indies and the Netherlands.

    White is one of only two players in the Irish side(along with Nigel Jones) who are not full-time cricket professionals.

    “It was a conscious choice looking at the future after cricket”, said White.

    White will be the frontline spinner for Ireland with support from 18-year-old George Dockrell, and off-spinner Albert van der Merwe, who hails from South Africa.


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