Irish cyclist Dan Martin eyes silver lining after surgery

After breaking his collarbone on the Team Time Trial of the Giro, Garmin’s Irish cyclist Dan Martin is looking at the silver lining after undergoing surgery.

Martin and teammate Koldo Fernandez who also broke his collerbone also underwent surgery and both are said to be recovering at home, but Martin was keen to see the brighter side of the injury.

“As always I strive to find the silver lining. Success will be even sweeter later in the year after such a rough period the last few weeks. Have to take the downs with the ups in this sport so time for a mental reset and I’ll be back. Thanks again to everybody for the incredible support and I look forward to watching Garmin-Sharp rip up the Italian roads the next 3 weeks!

Garmin have said it is too early for them to make any decisions regarding Martin’s It is too early for the team to make any decisions on their race programs. The health of our athletes is our top priority and right now we are focused on their recovery.

Now that the dust has settled on my operation I’ve been able to look back on the Giro start in Belfast with obviously incredible memories of the team presentation, the team work, the camaraderie of my team and the incredible noise and support enjoyed in the TTT. Unfortunately my Giro was cut short by an accident that we were lucky to come away with relatively light injuries, collarbone fractures for myself and Koldo. Once more, the spirit of this team through such hardships has blown me away and I’m confident the remaining 7 riders will go on to do incredible things during the remaining 3 weeks.

For myself and Koldo, we were successfully operated on Sunday and are on the road to recovery, with a steady supply of treats and hugs for us both from the team, my family and friends from cycle4life. It’s the first time I’ve broken a bone but I’m certain to bounce back better then ever with the circle of support I’ve had from the team, family, friends and my incredible fan support.



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