Irish man set for victory after 3.8KM swim, a 180KM cycle and 42KM Marathon every day for ten days

Next time you are struggling after a 5km run think of what Irish Athlete Gerard Prendergast completed to win an Ironman Ultra Endurance race also known as the DecaUK.

As part of the race Gerard must complete a gruelling 3.8KM swim, a 180KM cycle and a full 42KM Marathon every day for ten days. After eight full days of racing and with one full day of racing remaining Gerard is currently in first place and has built up a substantial 3-hour 15 mins lead on his nearest competitor.

Fourteen competitors started the race however as the event is so physically and mentally demanding only five racers remain. The event is currently being run in Eton Dorney the site of the London Olympic rowing events in 2012. Gerard has been racing since Wednesday the 4 th October with the event set to finish on Friday 13 th October.

Should he complete the race Gerard is set to become only the second Irishman to complete a Deca Ironman since Gerry Duffy won his Deca in 2011. Gerard who is a Dublin based personal trainer is married with three children and has previously completed some other ultra-endurance races such as The Race which is a Donegal based ultra- endurance 24-hour race along with Ironman Dublin and Ironman Lanzarote


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