“It’s always a desire for any driver to drive for Ferrari” says Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has thrown his Mercedes future into some doubt, after he said that he would happily race alongside Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull, and if an opportunity ever arose to drive for Ferrari, he would be interested.

Hamilton, has two-and-a-half years left on his Mercedes deal, after joining them six months ago from McLaren, and although he made it clear that he is enjoying life with Mercedes, he still cast doubt over his future as he talked about Ferrari and Red Bull.

When asked by F1 Racing magazine if he would join Red Bull while Sebastian Vettel was still there, Hamilton replied:”I would go up against any driver.

“Any time, any place. Any team. Whoever it is, that’s not a worry for me, I would have happily been Sebastian’s team-mate,” he said.

“He has a great car, so it would have been a great experience.”

Hamilton was talking to Red Bull and Ferrari before his Mercedes deal, and although he admitted that he had no plans on leaving Mercedes, he still sees the appeal that Ferrari has, even if former teammate Fernando Alonso is there.

The Spaniard is contracted to Ferrari until 2016, but Hamilton would still love the chance to drive for Formula one’s most famous team, although that may not be for a while yet.

“At the moment I can’t see myself anywhere else because I’m really happy where I am,” he insisted.

“But what I can say is that throughout my racing career and through karting and everything Ferrari have always been one of the top teams and it’s always a desire for any driver to drive for them.

“So anyone who gets that chance, no matter where you are or what car you drive, you look at a Ferrari and think: “That’s pretty cool.’ But like I said, at the moment I’m really happy where I am and I hope Mercedes keep me for even longer.”

Hamilton even refused to rule out a return to McLaren at some stage in the future.

“Back to McLaren? I could never rule that out,” he added.

“That’s the team I grew up in and it still has a really good place in my heart. People have tried to build negativity around it when there isn’t any. There’s a really good vibe between us. So yeah, who knows?”

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