Just How Heavy Was Mike Tyson’s Punch?

At the end of the 1980s and throughout the 90s Mike Tyson was one of the most popular boxers throughout.  And one of the baddest.  In fact, he was even nicknamed the baddest man on the planet.

As a youngster he steamrolled through boxer after boxer and was even 1/4 favourite as a 21-year-old to beat fellow undefeated boxer Michael Spinks.  He did that in only 91 seconds – the only boxer to beat Spinks.

Michael Spinks later confessed that he entered that fight in fear of Tyson because of the power of his punch.  This is coming from a 31-year-old boxer who was 31-0 at the time, with 21 knockout victories of his own.

Mike Tyson’s odds got smaller and smaller than that.  He was such a heavy favourite ahead of his first loss that his opponent, Buster Douglas, was a staggering 25/1 with the bookmakers!  You can still find similar fixed odds on boxing with bookmakers but spotting the upset isn’t so easy to find!

Tyson ended his career with a record of 50-6 and 44 knockouts.  So just how heavy was Mike Tyson’s punch in his prime?  Betfair have done their research:

A 50m/ph car crash

The last thing anyone wants when they’re in a car is to be involved in a head-on car collusion, but Mike Tyson’s punch was the equivalent of crashing at a staggering 50 miles per hour.  That’s enough to scare anyone.

4x more powerful than the average man

The average untrained man can squat 125lbs, bench press 135lbs and deadlift 155lbs.  Now try doing four times those amounts.  Now think of a man capable of doing that and punching you in the face and body over and over again.  That’s some way to imagine what it felt like to be in the ring with Mike Tyson.

A 16lb sledgehammer

Sledgehammers are used for destroying things.  Usually structures.  And an average main would likely be using a 10-12lb sledgehammer.  Now imagine what a 16lb sledgehammer would feel like connecting with your face.  It would almost certainly damage your skull.  Sure, Mike Tyson had boxing gloves on but his knockout record shows how deadly he was when he connected his fist with your face.

All this and more can be found on the Betfair infographic below:


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