List of the largest defeats in gambling by famous athletes

We live in times of rapid innovation and technological development. The first website that offered online gambling services appeared on the Internet more than 15 years ago. It became the basis of new startups that began to spread gambling entertainment on the Internet.

Virtual gambling appeared due to the rapid work of specialists from Microgaming, who developed the first game resource. This event was a landmark discovery in the industry. According to Entrepreneur, this business has expanded several times over the course of a year, since 20 software companies and entrepreneurs have created such websites, too. Nowadays, we can find hundreds of gaming clubs that are available online. Each of them is trying to attract gamers with different bonuses and additional options. Some online casinos, including Mansion Casino, offer only popular and high-quality gaming models with animations, bonuses and 3D graphics.


Of course, the emergence of virtual casinos has made this entertainment more accessible and popular, but this does not mean that the players have forgotten about the real gaming halls. These places are still popular because they give a sense of real excitement and risk. In addition, visitors to land-based casinos combine gaming with beautiful girls and alcohol. Sometimes, this leads to sad consequences. Real casinos are popular among celebrities and professional athletes. By the way, the last category of players spends a lot of time in such places, because they like to win. Athletes are gambling people, because they know what victory is. They come to the casino and bookmakers to win again and again. But sometimes, they lose a lot and fall on the covers of all newspapers. We offer the top biggest losses athletes in the gaming halls.


Tiger Woods


Thanks to self-improvement and constant training, Tiger Woods has become one of the biggest golf stars. Fans even called him ‘King of Golf’. But the star was also passionate about gambling. A man visited different American casinos several times a week. Sometimes, the King of Golf lost several thousand dollars. But one day, Woods “gave” one of the gaming halls about 35 thousand dollars. Star friends said that this defeat upset Woods and he even had depression.


Danny McClain


He was one of the most popular baseball players of the 70s. But, star fans have learned that he is losing a lot of money at the casino. During one of his visits to the game room, McClain lost 32 thousand dollars. Later, baseball fans found out that their idol was also associated with the Syrian Mafia.


Danny always loved betting on horse racing which was illegal. After losing $60,000 to McClain on one of the sweepstakes, he contacted the mob to pay back debts.

The professional career of a brilliant baseball player ended horribly. The star was injured by an angry fan and was forced to abandon baseball.


Michael Jordan


Basketball legend always knows how to spend a lot of money in a casino. The media often wrote to basketball players who appeared at various casinos often and played at BlackJack and Poker. Michael Jordan said many times that he is a fan of gambling entertainment. The basketball player’s friends even said that he was undergoing rehabilitation because he was sick of gambling.


“Yes, I love casinos and a sense of excitement. This is bad? I don’t think so. It doesn’t do much harm to the financial situation of my family. I think I’ll come here and enjoy the game again and again,” Jordan told USA TODAY interview.


The American media also wrote a basketball player was an investor in one of the largest gambling establishments in Las Vegas, where he lost $100 thousand.


Alex Rodriguez


This is another baseball player who showed his love of betting and gambling. Not so long ago, a successful and famous player was involved in a scandal when the media wrote an article about Alex Rodriguez, who spent a lot of time and spent money in different gaming halls. After this statement, MLB representatives launched an investigation.


“This is an excellent form of recreation. When I get cards, I forget about all the problems and failures and concentrate only on the game. I like a quiet game session with friends,” Rodriguez said.


During another game session, the baseball player lost about $105 thousand.


Wayne Rooney


The main forward of DC United can not only score goals, but also spend money in the casino. It took the British footballer two hours to lose £ 60,000 in one of the gambling halls. But after a few months, Rooney set a new record, losing 690,000 pounds sterling on the sweepstakes. This defeat did not stop the football player and Rooney is still interested in gambling entertainment.


Rick Tokket


Being a successful hockey player and a ‘brilliant’ entrepreneur, Tokket organized an illegal tote that violated several New Jersey laws. After the NHL conducted an investigation, he was removed from the position of deputy head coach. But before that, the hockey player lost $ 2 million in a Las Vegas casino.


Paul Hornung


Hornung was disqualified for a year from professional American football after losing to an illegal totalizator. Later, the athlete stated that he lost 9 million dollars.


Charles Barkley


This basketball player has always set new records. But not all of them were successful. Colleagues and relatives of Barkley knew that the man was interested in gambling entertainment. It was not a problem for a basketball player who bet on 70-100 thousand dollars. One day, Charles Barkley lost $10 million…$10 million …this is one of the largest defeats in the gambling games world.


John Daly


Of course, $ 1 million is a big figure, but this is not the limit for this golf star. Only John Daly knows how to spend $20 million on slot machines. Some sources also said that a golf star lost about $50 million, but Daley denies this, because such a statement can attract the attention of the FBI.


Many professional athletes visit the gaming halls to meet their needs, but some of them spend a lot of money. It was a list of professional athletes,who lost at gaming halls the biggest money!


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