Long Story at the Odeon

    The old Harcourt Street train station, The Odeon, will take a step back in time as it hosts Heineken’s ‘The Long Story at the Odeon’, which celebrates the arrival of Heineken’s new epic, Irish-made TV ad ‘Long Story’.

    Ryan Sheridan, whose track The Dreamer provides the soundtrack to the commercial, will give an intimate, acoustic performance for one night only. Ryan Sheridan shot to fame last year when his debut album The Day You Live Forever stormed the charts, going straight in at number two. Since then the Co. Monaghan native has had a relentless touring schedule, notching up visits to every corner of the country.

    The ad documents one man’s adventure as he attempts to reclaim his ‘pinch’ of Heineken – that last coveted sip, taken prematurely by an overzealous waiter. Inadvertently trapped on an express train from Paris to St. Petersburg, the protagonist shares his story with everyone he encounters, making and entertaining new friends along the way. Upon arrival at his destination, a sense of déjà-vu kicks in as he almost starts a brand new adventure.

    It is a punchy but light-hearted look at how one man finds himself making the most of an unexpected circumstance and the fun that can be found in every moment.

    Would-be passengers for this event can apply for tickets on the Heineken Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Heineken.


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