Michael Babs Keating launches attack on Tipperary boss Liam Sheedy

    In a TV3 sport interview Michael ‘Babs’ Keating launched a major attack on Tipperary boss Liam Sheedy after last after his former side lost to Cork by 10pts on Sunday.

    “There’s plenty of hurling to be played but Sunday’s result means there’s going to be a harder road. If Tipp are to come through, they’re going to meet either Waterford, Galway or Kilkenny along the way,” said Keating

    “I don’t think the players that have failed Tipperary for the last number of years will relish meeting them all and beating them all.

    “If they were lucky enough to come through Munster and worry about facing just one of the top teams to win an All-Ireland, but to have to face a couple of them again will make life very difficult for Tipperary.”

    “The decisions that myself, Tom Barry and John Leahy made managing the team four and five years ago, we made those decisions in the best interests of the people paying the money and wearing the blue and gold going in the gate.

    “We made the unpopular decisions but I promise you, we made those decisions in Tipperary’s best interests.

    “I think if Liam and his selectors sat down with us at that stage for a couple of hours – they needn’t neccessarily have taken our ideas on board – that he could have taken a few shortcuts along the way and he’d be in a better position today than he is.”

    “It’s impossible to invent new players into the campaign. Liam did it with the young full-forward, I don’t think it was fair on him.

    “I don’t think you can introduce a young lad at full-forward against Cork on a big Munster Championship day and hope to succeed. It has never happened.

    “I’m an observer of Tipperary hurling for the last 12 All-Irelands that they’ve won, and the rules have not changed. The principle is the same – you control half-back, centre-field, half-forward and make things happen and play with discipline.

    “I have a recipe for success. You have to have speed and stamina, style and skill and if you haven’t the killer instinct to go with that, you won’t win.”

    “Those of us that have been observing Tipperary have been critical of the half-forward line in particular, and saying look, this half-forward line and centre-field isn’t strong enough to match what is going to emerge,” explained the Ardfinnan man.

    “And that was proven in last year’s All-Ireland. I think if we had won there we would have won an All-Ireland last year.

    “As one responsible for coaching and particularly with John Leahy and myself a couple of years ago, all the mistakes that have been made…we would have hammered those home night in, night out.

    “Take the goal that Lar Corbett missed on Sunday – we missed three of them in last year’s All-Ireland because those guys did not take on board the advice they were given.

    “If (Pat) Fox or (Nicky) English got the opportunity that Lar Corbett got on Sunday, it would have been a definite green flag.

    “If Fox or English got the opportunity to score three goals like last year’s All-Ireland, they would be goals, and we wouldn’t be making heroes out of goalkeepers like PJ Ryan or Donal Og Cusack. This is where this team is lacking.”

    “Until such time that we get a grasp of what half-forward and centre-field play is about, and add what is typical Tipperary hurling, which is a good bit of steel, I don’t think we’re going to come back winning again.”


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