National Schools Tenpin Bowling Week: 11th -15th March

This coming month sees the inaugural National Schools Tenpin Bowling Week as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of tenpin bowling in Ireland.

Commencing on Monday March 11th and running until Friday March 15th, all schools are invited to get down to their local bowling centre and give bowling a try…and it’s completely free!

The opportunity to get involved in a sport which is not only terrific fun but also comes with a competitive edge is one which is simply not to be missed and will get kids and teenagers alike excited to try and get the better of their friends.

The aim of the initiative is primarily to get the next generation involved in a sport which has a rich history in Ireland, and to perhaps even find some future National or even International champions. There is a gem in the rough in every school, and just maybe this week we can uncover some gems of our own in tenpin bowling.

Tenpin bowling is fun; there is no denying that. But every kid wants to be top of their class. Some kids are better at soccer, or gaelic games, or athletics, but who knows, maybe bowling is your time to shine!

All participating centres have computerised scoring systems, so you and your friends can make a real competition out of it; who can get the most strikes who can get the most spares, and of course, who can get the best overall score and take the crown as class champion. Your bowling centre can even print off your scores for you to take home and stick on your wall…and who knows, there may even be a trophy to take home and sit proudly on your mantle.

The possibilities are endless, and with bowling centres all over the country participating there simply is no excuse not to get involved. And who knows, by the end of just that first game, you may just be hooked for life!



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