New book from legendary Irish sports journalist Peter Byrne ‘Winning For Ireland – How Irish Athletes Conquered The World’

Peter Byrne pictured with his new book ‘Winning For Ireland – How Irish Athletes Conquered The World’. Credit: Seb Daly/Sportsfile and Athletics Ireland.

Former Irish Times sports journalist Peter Byrne who has been involved in athletics and athletics journalism for over 50 years and was Irish Times Athletics Correspondent for 40 years has published a new book called ‘Winning For Ireland – How Irish Athletes Conquered The World’, which was recently launched at The National Indoor Arena.

Speaking at the launch, Olympic 1500m Gold medallist Dr Ronnie Delany said:

“The pages of this excellent book recall the triumphs of athletes such as Eamonn Coghlan, John Treacy, Marcus O’Sullivan and Frank O’Mara, all World Champions in their time. No less than Noel Carroll, Frank Murphy and Ray Flynn, to mention just a few, they showcased Ireland to American people in a manner which was invariably a great credit to our country.

“Collectively, these athletes were among Ireland’s finest ambassadors and yet, the real merit of the sport here resides in the manner in which the rank and file members, together with their coaches and club officials, deport themselves in and out of competition. Ours is a discipline which down through the years, has been rightly regarded as the first and finest of all field sports.”

Many of Ireland’s athletics icons attended Peter Byrne new book launch among them Eamonn Coghlan, John Treacy and Catherina McKiernan.

Speaking at The National Indoor Arena Athletics Ireland President Georgina Drumm said of the latest publication from Byrne:

“Peter Byrne’s book serves as a personal history and a chronicle of how our athletes punched well above their weight on the world stage. In so doing, they created many unforgettable moments as our athletes became the trailblazers in Ireland’s international sporting success. That success continues right through to today with Thomas Barr and several younger athletes achieving great success on the international stage.”

Byrne’s latest publication is available in all good bookshops.


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