No live TV coverage of Annalise Murphy’s races on Friday & Saturday

We have been informed that Irish sailor Annalise Murphy’s Laser radial races will not be shown live by RTE or any other broadcaster on Friday and Saturday. 

Annalise will be sailing in Copacabana on Friday at 5:15 & 6:30 and Pão de Açúcar or Saturday at 5:15 & 6:40 but unfortunately there will be no coverage by the Olympic broadcasters so no need to start blaming RTE, unless they get a helicopter over Rio they have no way to cover the races live.

Thankfully the medal race is covered live on Monday. If you want to check out how the sailing points and overall point system works CLICK HERE

If you want to follow a tracker on Friday and Saturday CLICK HERE, it seems you will need to use a Mozilla browser as Chrome and internet explorer don’t seem to work. Its a top class tracker so well worth following. Also, you can follow coverage on her facebook page which has fantastic updates CLICK HERE

We all wish Annalise the best of luck and we will all be glued to the medal race on Monday at 5:05pm.


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